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My Learning Journey

My Learning Journey

I did not plan to go to art school due to the negative connotation that you can’t make a living from art.
Eunice Lim

The problem-based learning approach in education is more holistic than conventional lectures that are offered as the next step for O-level graduates.
Charlene Chong

I knew that being a Speech Therapist was my dream as it would allow me to give a voice to all these children who would otherwise have no means of communication.
Sum Hui Ting

The experience of living in Spain, as a student from Thailand, has been eye-opening and adventurous.
Thitivut Ekphaisansup

My Scholarship Journey

My Scholarship Journey

During the interviews, be yourself and be honest. Giving politically-correct or cookie-cutter answers will not help.
Teo Zi Lin

Having a prolific portfolio is not enough. One also needs to have a prolific helping hand in mentoring others. I strongly believe a scholarship belongs to one who relentlessly gives and helps others!
Daryl Goh

Understanding the work that you will be involved in after graduation will help you to decide if the scholarship is a good fit for you.
Benjamin Choi

My Teaching/Mentoring Journey

My Teaching Journey

What better job, I thought, than to share these fascinating areas of knowledge with young people?
Garry Glanz

To me, teaching is an art from the heart that can inspire positive change in children.
Alice Tan

I couldn’t imagine ever doing science without transferring my knowledge and experience.
Professor Maurice van Steensel

My Entrepreneurial Journey

My Entrepreneurial Journey

It was a journey with interesting experiences that led to a strong vision and realising that living a life goes beyond satisfying material needs.
Terence Pang

The biggest challenge for me was definitely trying to juggle both my duties as a mum and as a business owner.
Maizura Rahman

It is important for an entrepreneur to devote the resources at hand strategically to handle what matters most first.
Ng Yi Xian

My Parenting Journey

Brahma Foz

Life is just too short to waste time worrying about the little things that don’t really affect the big picture. This also applies very well in parenting. Often, we tend to overreact at the slightest of troubles involving our kids. Little do we know, that how we react to them impacts them in no small matter. If we communicate well with our little ones, parenting becomes a little less tedious.
Brahma C. Foz

Celestia Faith ChongWe have a weekly ritual of going to the supermarket as a family and they would get to pick something each time. I will also make sure they get to have their favourite food stocked up.
Celestia Faith Chong

Last Updated on 1 September 2022

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