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Last Updated on 13 March 2023

The idea for the Parents' Guide website originated from the founder's desire to become a better, more involved parent. And one of the ways parents can make a difference is to provide their child with a good education. By “good education”, we don't mean enrolling your child in a prestigious school and signing up for all sorts of enrichment programmes. Besides, the “go to a good school, get a good degree, and voila, you're set for life” mantra doesn't hold water these days!

The challenge for parents of the post-millennial generation is that the education landscape has changed so much that it's hard for them to keep up with new developments. We believe that in order to make informed decisions, we need to know what are our choices. What we aim to do with this website is to outline the choices available beyond the conventional and the painfully obvious.

Parents' Guide® Asia was thus set up in October 2015 to serve not just families with children who are academically inclined, but also those who would prefer to pursue a more vocationally-oriented tertiary education or have special educational needs. Our aim is to help our community of like-minded parents free themselves from the kiasu mentality and allow their children to discover their talents, realise their full potential and develop a passion for lifelong learning. The website is useful also for parents who wish to embark on their own continuing education journey.

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Singapore Website Awards 2019
Our website was shortlisted as a nominee for the Singapore Website Awards 2019, organised by Exabytes, with a very high rating of 83! In fact, we were chosen as the Site of the Month (October) under the Commercial category. We believe this is a testament of not just the design aesthetics of our website, but also the value we bring to our community.

Parents' Guide Asia - SWA 2019

So go ahead and share our story with your friends and fellow parents, because the greatest compliment you can give us is a referral to someone else, either in person or shared on the Web.

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New Design for 2020
We have revamped our website with a visually stunning layout, less distracting elements and better navigation. If you come across any issues, please use the form below to provide your feedback.

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Singapore Website Awards 2020
After the revamp, we re-submitted an entry to this award and, once again, our website was shortlisted as a nominee for the Singapore Website Awards 2020. We were also selected (once again) as the Site of the Month (October) under the Commercial category. You can view our entry and vote for us here.

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