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My Teaching Journey – Alice Tan

Last Updated on 2 December 2022

Alice Tan - LiteracyPlus
Name: Alice Tan
Name of institution: LiteracyPlus Centre
Role: Teacher

What made you choose to become a teacher?
I love working with children! To me, teaching is an art from the heart that can inspire positive change in children. I am passionate about not only imparting knowledge to my students, but also about inspiring transformation — whether it be in my students’ attitude towards learning, their love for the subject or in their grades. I try to make my lessons as engaging as possible and focus on equipping my students with the necessary learning skills so that they may grow to become independent learners.

What are the qualifications needed for this role?
A degree from NIE and having a love for teaching are definitely good starting points. Just as important, however, is a desire to learn on the job and to continually seek professional development.

Tell us about your teaching experience.
I've taught for more than 30 years in primary schools and private institutions. I've headed departments, developed curriculum, conducted workshops and mentored teachers. However, the most gratifying experiences are the times when I've managed to make an impact on a student’s learning. These students could be over-achievers who are bored with school or weaker students who have given up on learning. One memorable experience was when I managed to help several academically weak students, over the course of three years, move into mainstream classes. It was a mammoth task but extremely worthwhile!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in the course of your work? How do you deal with them?
Sometimes I feel at a loss when nothing I try seems to work for a particular student. In these instances, I do a lot of reading and research. I also speak with other educators and continue to try new things in my classroom until something ‘clicks'. For students who lack motivation to study, gamifying my lessons as well as offering rewards go a long way!

What do you think makes LiteracyPlus Centre a popular choice among students/parents?
LiteracyPlus is an enrichment centre that believes in inspiring and transforming pupils through sparky and engaging lessons, without compromising on a strong academic focus. It is a message that resonates with the parents at the Centre and students enjoy coming for lessons.

What advice do you have for parents who wish to enrol their child in your institution?
If rote learning and mindless memorising is not what you are looking for, then LiteracyPlus is the place for you. But bear in mind that if your child is weak in English, increasing proficiency in the language and building a strong foundation takes time.

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