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Organisation Listing

Feature your institution/organisation on our website and reach out to thousands of parents looking for information on education choices.

Listing is free but subject to editorial verification and approval. If you would like to take advantage of our full suite of marketing campaigns, drop us a message.

List Your Organisation
Please provide a brief description of your institution. You may cover the following aspects, but try to be short and sweet: Background/History, Reputation, Important Milestones/Awards, Success Stories, Facilities, Specialities, etc.
E.g. huge on traditions; high-profile alumni; diverse student population
List your programmes/courses with brief description. You may include details about duration and fees.
Please include details on eligibility, entry requirements, how to apply, documents required, etc.
E.g. we have a numbers-centric admissions process and focus mostly on GPA/MSG.
E.g. application deadline for admission, offer and acceptance, application fees, etc.
Please provide the direct link to the YouTube video.
If you have multiple campuses or branch locations, you may list them here.
Please include Country/Area code
Please provide the name of contact person in case we need to verify the information.
Please provide the contact email in case we need to verify the information.

Last Updated on 8 October 2022