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[Infographic] Higher Education’s New Normal

Last Updated on 22 May 2024

Many things have changed in higher education over the past three decades. Smartphones and tablets are replacing textbooks and notepads, while large, face-to-face classrooms are becoming virtualised, personalised, and mobile. This infographic demonstrates how much higher education has changed since the days of Thriller, big hair, and mix tapes.

In particular, the infographic highlights the differences in college costs, student demographics and factors affecting work-life balance, among other features of college life, between college students of the 1980s and those of today. Technology has helped foster growth in the education world, but it has also increased the workload. According to the infographic, two out of three college students today use a smartphone for school work — a capability that didn’t exist even 10 years ago, let alone 30. The data also shows that 45 percent of today’s students will take at least one online course, whereas learning in the 1980s was confined to classrooms.

More and more students and professors are embracing technology, and innovation in the tech sector will only improve education across the board. Companies, like Flat World, that are using technology to reduce the cost of textbooks and create more affordable degree options are the catalyst to reinventing the way institutions approach learning.

Higher Education’s New Normal Infographic
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