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My Learning Journey – Emily Lum

Emily Lum

Name: Emily Lum Yuen Ying
Name of institution: Insworld Institute
Course of study: Pearson Edexcel “High Achiever Award” Recipient (2014)

What were the challenges that you faced before joining Insworld Institute?
Before joining Insworld, I was studying in a big international school in Singapore. I enjoyed my time there because I had plenty of resources for classes such as music, home economics and physical education. I also had the opportunity to form many great bonds with my classmates as I had studied there since I was three years old.

That being said, I felt like there were too little interactions with the teachers because the classes were quite big. I personally felt that the ability to ensure that students are given ample time to ask questions and participate in discussions during class is vital to optimising one’s education.

Also, my class schedules weren’t very flexible in a big international school. This became an issue back then as I was participating in extracurricular activities outside of school that were important to me.

Why did you decide to join Insworld Institute?
One of the main reasons why I decided to join Insworld was because of my brother. My parents enrolled him to Insworld because they could accommodate him and help him with his learning disabilities. As such, my parents wished for me to stay in the same school as my brother, so I transferred to Insworld.

Although I was reluctant at first, joining Insworld proved to be a very important chapter of my life because the school contributed to the success I attained in my academics and extracurriculars.

When I chose to accelerate my ‘O’ Levels so I can finish it within a year, Insworld provided me the chance to do that.

What were the benefits or advantages of joining Insworld Institute?
At Insworld, I managed to have more flexibility with my class schedules. This was immensely advantageous at that time because, when I joined Insworld, I started participating more competitively in dance. As my dance requirements increased, I had to dedicate more time for competitions and practices, and thus needed a class schedule that was more adaptable.

Insworld gave me the chance to pursue these opportunities without having to compromise my academics. Furthermore, when I chose to accelerate my ‘O’ Levels so I can finish it within a year, Insworld provided me the chance to do that.

The school helped in adjusting my schedules and provided me with extra classes in order to prepare for my exams.

My teachers at Insworld graciously took time out of their busy schedules to give me one-on-one lessons to ensure that I thoroughly learned all the necessary materials on time. I am not sure if my previous school would have given me the same support as Insworld had, which helped lead me to receive the prestigious “Pearson Edexcel High Achievers Award” and be able to skip a grade when I moved back to Canada.

How was your student life like after graduating from Insworld Institute?
After leaving Insworld, I moved back to Markham, Canada to study in Markville Secondary School (MSS).

Due to my accelerated completion of IGCSE, I was able to skip a grade and completed my high school education in just three years (instead of four years). I then decided to study in the University of Ottawa and to double major in Political Science and Economics.

Studying in the University of Ottawa is a suitable choice for me because it adheres to my interest in politics. There, I have the opportunity to be near and be involved in parliament and other government organisations. As such, I managed to join the University of Ottawa Young Liberals Club, which is a political youth organisation that represents the current party in power in Canada.

I have also been involved in the Model United Nations club, which provides me opportunities to attend local and international conferences. Going into my second year at the University of Ottawa, I hope to expand my reach into my residence committee and my faculty student body AÉÉIPPSSA.

What are your future plans?
Had it not been for Insworld and the opportunities that the school provided me, I may not be in the position that I am in today. I am truly grateful to all the teachers and staff at Insworld who helped me when I was there and shared great memories with me.

Like many of my peers, I am not entirely sure what my plans for the future are and I am currently enjoying my time at university. That said, the possibilities for the future are vast, with considerations of going into law school or perhaps working my way towards a position in the UN.

In any case, Insworld has been a vital part to my life as it helped put me in a fortunate position of potentially having a great future.

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