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I absolutely love parents who spoil their kids!

The poor little boy has five poke marks on his right arm.

It came from the other Primary 1 kid next to him and the act was carried out because the little boy isn’t talking to him.

And the little boy has good reasons to. I wouldn’t speak with someone who has drawn on my clothes three times.

When the parents of both met and before the victim’s mom could say anything, the perpetrator’s mom was complaining about the other kid not speaking to his son and breaking his pencil.

The pencil was broken because well, it happened to be the weapon.

Surprise, surprise, this happened in one of the school well-known for students largely made up of rich men’s sons.

My First Reaction

Clap for those who spoil their kids!

And I clap from the bottom of my heart. You really gotta give to such parents who spoil their kids.

They not only gave us lots of entertainment and without them, there wouldn’t be RKOI (Rich Kids of Instagram). What I really like to applaud them on is they make my lousy parenting skills look like top class performance.

How I wish EVERY parents will raise their kids like that.

Even if my kids have a IQ of 80, I’m sure he can easily excel and take up the role of Prime Minister.

So thank you for making my job easier. Now, with a clear conscious, I can spend more me-time on my Xbox.

How To Raise A Brat

How To Raise A Brat

Pastor Art Kohl wrote an excellent article on how to raise a brat. It contained 14 of the best advice you can ever receive.

Here are a few of my favorite gems:

When a baby, don’t let him cry in bed
Do not allow YOUR baby to suffer any hardships, especially in infancy. Run to his aid as soon as he cries. He’ll soon know how to control you, rather than you controlling him. This way, they’ll expect to be pampered all of their lives.

Do not give any duties, responsibilities
Do it all for them. Then they’ll think this world owes them a living. They’ll quickly join the crowd of grown up babies shouting, “I’ve got my rights,” rather than those who are men and women enough to fulfill their responsibilities.

Defend them in school
Always take the child’s side. Teachers and principals have got it “in” for the little angel. Understand that your child can do no wrong. Expect teachers and principals to know that too!

Give them everything they want
Buy something for them every time you go into a store. Never say “no” to them. When properly trained this way, they will be used to having every appetite of theirs fulfilled immediately. When they grow older and develop natural sexual appetites, they will have been trained by you to seek immediate fulfillment. Teen pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases shouldn’t really surprise the parent then. So… give them everything they ask for while they are kids.

What's your parenting style? Find out here.

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