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Last-Minute Exam Survival Guide for Parents

After months of seemingly endless preparation, your child is going to face the big day. Here’s a last-minute exam survival guide for parents that will give you a sense of control over the exam stress.

Exam stress

Know the exam schedule

Pin the timetable up prominently at home, with each exam to be taken highlighted. In the stress of the whole exam period, you need to always be aware when your child must be in the examination centre.

You should also help your child draw up a checklist of daily requirements based on the day’s exams. Writing instruments and other requirements, such as rulers, erasers and calculators, should be checked.

Be ready to listen

After each day’s exams, allow your child to recount his or her daily story. Listen to the story, but do not dwell on it. Avoid being tempted to review in detail with them the errors or the omissions they may have made. Instead, simply allow them the time and space to tell their story and move on to the next challenge and the next paper.

Focus on the next challenge

It can be helpful to your son or daughter to review the paper or papers immediately ahead. Simple questions around the nature of the exams can be very useful in helping your son or daughter focus on what’s next.

Keep things in perspective

The exam your child is taking may determine his or her academic success, but try not to over-hype its importance. As parents, we need to be aware that our children can sometimes mistakenly believe that their standing in their parents’ eyes is dependent on their success in the examination. This should not be the case.

Ensure that your child is clear that your unconditional love and regard for them is in no way dependent on how they perform in any exam. This affirmation is the greatest gift you can give them at the start of their exams.

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