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Bedtime Stories for Kids: 5 Fantastic Benefits Every Parent Must Know

Every parent is busy with either household chores or a job for the whole day. So the joy of spending quality time with kids keeps shifting to weekends only. But what if we tell you there's a way you can spend quality time with your kids every day? It’s reading an entertaining and positive story before you tuck them into bed.

Apart from strengthening your bond with your kids, there are many benefits of bedtime stories for kids. Read on to know the five significant ways in which reading bedtime stories make your kids intelligent and imaginative.

Bedtime Stories for Kids

According to experts, here are the five primary benefits of reading bedtime stories for kids!

Your Child Gets to Practice Reading

When you read stories to your kids, they would also volunteer to read. At least they will definitely try to take a peek at the page. You can do shared reading with your little munchkin, where both of you take turns to read a paragraph or sentence.

Stories Give Wings to a Child’s Imagination

Stories for kids are filled with fairies, monsters, kings, and queens. These characters and their backdrop takes your kids into the world of imagination, which is great for their creativity and thinking skills. Imagination power also contributes to improving decision-making skills in the longer run.

Your Child Gets to Learn New Words

Vocabulary enhancement is one of the significant advantages of reading bedtime stories to kids. You can expand your kid’s vocabulary by reading the same story to them multiple times. This is because kids need to hear a word many times before they can memorise it.

Kids Learn Early to Read Independently

Kids want to do everything which they find enjoyable. If you make your daily bedtime reading fun and exciting, your kids will like to read independently sooner than you think. However, you need to be consistent and read the stories daily.

You can Develop the Love of Reading in Your Child

When children get exposure to stories and books from early childhood, they are more likely to develop reading as a hobby or habit. And you know how beneficial a hobby of reading can be for them when they become adults.

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Examples of Bedtime Stories for Kids With Great Values to Learn

Bedtime stories effectively build the moral values of kids in their formative years. Therefore the stories for kids shouldn’t only be entertaining. They must give a lesson to learn at the end. Some of the examples are as follows:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
It teaches to be kind and good to others and expect the same from them.

The Hungry Mouse
This story tells that nothing good comes from greed, and excess of anything is harmful.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
It promotes the value of truthfulness by showing how dangerous the habit of lying can be.

In a Nutshell

Kids love stories, and therefore it gets embossed in their memory forever, especially those told at their bedtime. Also, these stories boost their intellectual, emotional, and moral development. So what are you waiting for? Make a list of entertaining bedtime stories for kids and follow the ritual of reading one of them to your little angel every night.

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