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The 5 Different Types of Moms We Love

Types of Moms We Love: Baking Mom

Nobody likes to be stereotyped but there might just be elements of these moms in each and every one of us. Well, we say if you resemble any of these moms, work it and embrace it, because to all you loving moms out there, your children and us alike, love you warts and all!

Pinterest Mom

You’re the mom who makes your kids’ lives look wonderfully magical. You love crafting, decorating, and all things pretty! You throw the best parties and pin it up there for the world to see! We just love the way you turn hot glue guns into weapons of mass creation!

And don’t let the haters rain on your parade! You do what you do because creating stuff makes you happy and seeing your kids happy – is the perfect chocolate icing on the cake! Happy moms make better moms, so keep on baking, creating and doing whatever it is you do to make your life and your children’s sunny and bright!

Quick Tip to Appreciate Your Pinterest Mom/Wife:
Listen and take an interest when your mom or wife shares about her latest inspiration and creation. A perfect Mother’s Day gift could be a crafting kit or vouchers.

Fitness Mom

A 30-min exercise is your daily routine and everything revolves around exercise and healthy living. You make the kids read standing up and have them do jumping jacks for forgetting to switch off the lights. You hear yourself regularly saying to your kids, “Hey, why don’t you jog our trash out to the recycle bins?”

You only buy organic and would not be caught dead with a single genetically-modified food item in your kitchen. Each family member who doesn’t pay heed to your fitness and nutrition advice looks to you like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Having said that, you are precious because you are fiercely protective of your loved ones’ health and everyone loves you all the more for it, even if they do so kicking and screaming!

Quick Tip to Appreciate Your Fitness Mom/Wife:
Spend time with your mom or wife in an exercise or outdoor activity of her choice.

Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Mom

You won’t purchase anything unless you need it and have done your due diligence in checking the prices in the market. For every new purchase, it could always be used for a myriad of functions that it wasn’t otherwise manufactured for. You never fail to give a shot at fixing every household item that’s broken – and only if that fails will you hop onto Carousell to look for a good bargain replacement.

Water used for washing rice, fruits and vegetables go straight into pails kept for watering the plants and washing the balcony or patio floors. Unopened birthday and Christmas gifts are carefully wrapped and re-gifted. There’s no such thing as waste in the house. Marie Kondo would be so proud of you and so are we!

Quick Tip to Appreciate Your Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Mom/Wife:
Pick out ideas to maintaining a clutter-free life with Marie Kondo, author of the best-seller, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, and learn the language your mom or wife speaks. Excite her this Mother’s Day with a home improvement project or a day out thrift shopping!

Cool School Mom

You’re one of the few who have unbridled access to all your children’s subject teachers and might even be on a first-name basis with some of them. You rise early and stay up with your children revising for examinations like a coach would for athletes preparing for the Olympics. You might even homeschool, and make every effort to convert daily experiences to learning opportunities – a milk carton toppling off the kitchen counter onto the floor becomes a lesson on gravity!

You work your kids hard but you know how to have fun with them too! You do all you can to cultivate the love for learning in whatever way you know best. Your aim is to ensure that your child never feels alone in his or her learning journey and your dedication to their holistic learning needs is unparalleled.

Quick Tip to Appreciate Your Cool School Mom/Wife:
Appreciate her for taking a keen interest in your (or your kids’) learning and ask if there’s a new skill or hobby she would like to pick up. It could be a short course on floral arrangement, oil painting, graphic designing or creative writing.

Granny Mom

You have grown adult children who already have offspring of their own but your love knows no bounds. You think nothing of wiping the sweat of your son’s brow as he’s lifting groceries out of the car to cleaning the snot off your grandkids’ faces as you chase them around the playground.

You’d slave over the stove to put comfort food on the table for three generations of your family and not think twice about helping to ferry your grandkids’ from place to place for the variety of activities your own children have signed them up for. You love them all dearly – the young and not so young. The family knows this all too well and cherishes you with all their hearts.

Quick Tip to Appreciate Your Granny Mom/Wife:
You could gather the young ones to put up song and dance items, make cards or have a “home spa” for grandma while the adults cook up a feast with her favorite dishes. Pamper her and make a daily effort to speak her love language.

Last Updated on 14 January 2024

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