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The University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo

Founded in 1877, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo) is the oldest and largest of Japan’s national universities. As a leading research university, UTokyo offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity at a wide array of locations, including the three core campuses of Hongo, Komaba and Kashiwa.

UTokyo offers an extensive range of support for entrepreneurial members of the University community who want to start companies that utilise research and educational outcomes produced at the University. Approximately 280 UTokyo-related start-ups have been established, and that number continues to grow.

UTokyo offers an extensive range of support for entrepreneurial members of the University community who want to start companies.

Nobel Prize Winners
The number of UTokyo professors and alumni receiving Nobel Prizes also underscores the University’s commitment to excellence. Professor Takaaki Kajita, who was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, researched under Special University Professor Emeritus Masatoshi Koshiba, one of the Nobel Prize in Physics recipients in 2002. In 2016, Honorary Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The significant research breakthroughs that contributed to Professor Ohsumi receiving this recognition were made during his time as an associate professor at the University of Tokyo.


The University of Tokyo has a total of 10 Faculties. A key feature of the undergraduate education at the University of Tokyo is that the first two years (referred to as the Junior Division) are devoted to the acquisition of fundamental skills necessary for further study. In the final two years of undergraduate education (referred to as the Senior Division), students pursue their fields of specialisation.

Faculty of Agriculture
Agriculture is an applied science with a basis in the disciplines of food science, life science and environmental science.

Types of Degrees
Applied Life Sciences Course, Environmental and Resource Sciences Course: Bachelor of Agriculture
Veterinary Medical Sciences Course: Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

College of Arts and Sciences
All first- and second-year students of the University of Tokyo study at the College of Arts and Sciences on Komaba Campus. The two-year Junior Division provides a comprehensive liberal arts education.

Type of Degree
Bachelor of Liberal Arts

Faculty of Economics
The best collection of economics books in all of Japan. Access to databases and modern technology for conducting economic analyses. Emphasis on small-group instruction. Hallowed halls that provide Japan’s highest quantity and quality of education in the field of economics.

Types of Degrees
Bachelor of Economics

Faculty of Education
The Faculty of Education researches into ways of promoting activities that encourage people to learn, grow and develop. It also investigates from various angles the roles of kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, special education schools, universities and other educational institutions on the development of societies and cultures, as well as the how education supports the well-being of people and the betterment of society as a whole.

Type of Degree
Bachelor of Education

Faculty of Engineering
The Faculty of Engineering at the University of Tokyo welcomes creative young people who can face the challenge of invigorating future society by achieving what has heretofore been impossible.

Type of Degree
Bachelor of Engineering

Faculty of Law
Education and research at the Faculty of Law are designed to prepare talented people for society by cultivating within them broad viewpoints, fundamental legal thinking skills and basic political insight.

Type of Degree
Bachelor of Laws

Faculty of Letters
With long-standing academic traditions that date back to 1877 when the Faculty of Letters was first established at the University of Tokyo, the Faculty has developed on the basis of research not only in Japan but also throughout the world. It has continuously endeavored to open up new areas, too.

Types of Degrees
Bachelor of Arts (Literature)

Faculty of Medicine
A large portion of studies in the Faculty of Medicine is concerned with clinical medicine. The majority of students in this Faculty, in fact, aim to become clinical doctors.

Type of Degree
School of Medicine: Bachelor of Medicine
School of Integrated Health Sciences: Bachelor of Health Sciences

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Focusing on the development of medicine, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences conducts superior instruction and research in the life sciences from the perspectives of materials, life and medical care, thereby contributing the latest knowledge and skills to society.

Types of Degrees
Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bachelor of Pharmacy

Faculty of Science
The Faculty of Science has ten departments: mathematics, information science, physics, astronomy, earth and planetary physics, earth and planetary environmental science, chemistry, biophysics and biochemistry, biological sciences, and bioinformatics and systems biology. More than 90% of our undergraduate students continue their study at a graduate school (including that of other universities or of other fields).

Types of Degrees
Bachelor of Science

Application Requirements & Process

Download the Guide for International Students UTokyo 2020-2021 [PDF]

The Guide for International Students provides information on UTokyo's English-language degree programmes, non-degree programmes, scholarships and other information relevant to international students, including admission flow chart, admissions requirements, tuition fees and financial aid.

The University of Tokyo
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Last Updated on 29 June 2023

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