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6 Benefits If Your Child Chooses a Small College or University

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When considering higher education options for your child, the size of the college or university should not be overlooked. While factors like program quality and tuition costs are crucial, the campus size and student population can greatly influence your child's college experience. Choosing between a sprawling campus and a compact one can have a profound impact on how they perceive and engage with college life.

Although large flagship universities may seem appealing due to their popularity, it's important to recognize the unique advantages that small colleges and universities offer. Here is a list of perks to consider when evaluating the size aspect of your child's college decision:

Personalized Education

Small colleges prioritize individualized education. With small class sizes and close student-faculty ratios, your child will have the opportunity to personally know their professors. Unlike large lecture-style classes, small colleges foster interactive and engaging learning environments. Professors are readily available during office hours, providing your child with ample resources to tailor their college education to their needs.

Small class size

Easy Access to Campus Services and Administration

At small schools, your child will be recognized as an individual rather than a faceless number in a database. Being known by name facilitates smooth interactions with the administration and utilization of campus services. Unlike larger universities where bureaucratic processes can be time-consuming, small colleges streamline tasks like class registration and internship approvals. A quick email or meeting is often sufficient to resolve such matters within a day or two.

Scholarships, Awards, and Support

Building personal connections with the school administration opens doors to various opportunities. Smaller student populations often mean more financial resources are available. Small private colleges, in particular, may offer increased scholarship options, such as endowed scholarships. Furthermore, your child will find it easier to communicate with the financial aid office, and their familiarity could lead to greater understanding and assistance during challenging financial situations. Additionally, smaller colleges frequently offer more chances for awards and recognition within specific programs and across the institution.

Active Participation in School Activities

Smaller student populations translate into more intimate club settings. Your child won't have to worry about being wait-listed or feeling like a small fish in a big pond during their first few years. At small colleges, joining clubs and boards is accessible and encourages active engagement. Most clubs welcome new members, providing an excellent opportunity for your child to meet students outside of their classes. They might even consider starting their own group!

Personalized School Traditions

While big universities are known for their widely celebrated and sometimes eccentric traditions, small colleges have their own unique customs. These traditions may not be as well-known to the outside world, but they hold a special place within the small college community. Sharing these traditions with a select group of peers can create a sense of exclusivity and foster a strong sense of belonging. It's like being part of a secret club that only a few are privy to.

Tight-Knit Community

While some may not consider this a significant perk, the close-knit environment at small colleges allows for a stronger sense of community. Although your child may occasionally encounter individuals they aren't fond of, knowing what's happening around campus and being familiar with dormmates and classmates enhances their overall college experience. While lifelong friendships can be forged regardless of college size, attending a small college or university often means your child will know most of their fellow students for a lifetime.

As you guide your child through the college selection process, remember to consider the advantages of a small college or university. The personalized education, easy access to services, financial support, active engagement in activities, opportunities in athletics, unique traditions, and tight-knit community are all factors that can contribute to a fulfilling and enriching college experience.

Remember, each student has unique preferences and goals, so it's essential to consider what aligns best with your child's aspirations and interests.

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