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Fun Games For Girls To Play Together

Last Updated on 23 June 2021

While games for girls can certainly be fun for the entire family, most are designed with girls' interests in mind. Sure, plenty of little girls like playing outside and getting dirty, but many will enjoy games that feature girly things like princesses, tea parties, and fashion. Games for girls also provide fun bonding entertainment for events like birthday parties and sleepovers.

The best games will combine fun, girly themes, with benefits that are present in popular mainstream, family, or educational games. Games that encourage things like counting, strategy, spelling, creativity, and more are all the more engaging to girls when they include characters and subjects that interest them.

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island

Peaceable Kingdom Mermaid Island - games for girls

One of Peaceable Kingdom's Award winning games for girls, Mermaid Island takes players on a magical mermaid adventure. Different than competitive games, cooperative games like Mermaid Island encourage girls to work as a team to solve a problem. Together, players spin, move, and hopefully defeat the Sea Witch. If they succeed, then everyone wins!

Promotes: Cooperation, Problem Solving, Social Skills, Strategy

Ages: 5+

Silly Street the Game

Silly Street the Game - games for girls

Silly Street the Game is an excellent game for groups of girls to play together at birthday parties or sleepovers. It encourages positive interactions as well as teamwork and adaptability. First, players draw a card from the deck. Then, the player must perform the activity on the card. That's where the fun begins! Card activities include inventing stories about little characters in silly situations, finding and interpreting things on the board, contests between players, and silly animal reenactments.

Promotes: Social Skills, Creativity, Confidence

Ages: 4+

Disney HedBanz

Disney HedBanz - games for girls

Disney HedBanz is a fun guessing game, and young girls will love trying to identify their favorite Disney characters. Each player wears a Mickey Mouse ears headband, with a card of a Disney character that they can not see. The object is to ask questions to determine the character they are wearing. The first player to guess her character wins!

Promotes: Reasoning, Critical Thinking

Ages: 7 – 9

The Sleepover Party Game

The Sleepover Party Game - games for girls

There are plenty of games for girls that are fun for parties, but The Sleepover Party Game is designed just for those special sleepovers. In this simple game, players must spin the wheel and complete a silly challenge. This game provides hours of giggly, girly fun for sleepover parties.

 Promotes: Creativity, Social Skills

Ages: 8+

Melissa & Doug Birthday Girl Box Of Questions

Melissa & Doug Birthday Girl Box Of Questions - games for girls

Games for girls are a great birthday party activity, and the Melissa & Doug Birthday Girl Box Of Questions is the perfect way to break the ice. A birthday party can be intimidating, especially if the girls don't know each other very well. With that in mind, this game contains fun, lighthearted conversation starters. New friendships will form in no time at all.

Promotes: Communication, Listening Skills

Ages: 8+

Find It Games Glitz and Glamour

Find It Games Glitz and Glamour - games for girls

Find It games are fun for the entire family, but Find It Games Glitz and Glamour is designed with girls in mind. On the top of the game cylinder, players will see a list of more than 40 objects to find. Move the cylinder around to locate ballet slippers, lipstick, a flower, and more. Two or more players can play competitively, but a single player will also enjoy simply searching for the items.

Encourages: Visual Recognition, Patience

Ages: 8+

Peaceable Kingdom The Fairy Game

Peaceable Kingdom The Fairy Game - games for girls

In Peaceable Kingdom The Fairy Game, players must use teamwork to banish Mr. Winter from the fairy garden. The players work together to succeed, and if they do, everybody wins! In addition to its cooperative fun, The Fairy Game is environmentally friendly. The game uses soy based paper and recycled plastic pieces.

Promotes: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Social Skills

Ages: 5+

Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Pop-Up Magic Castle Game

Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Pop-Up Magic Castle Game - games for girls

Enjoy a fun, magical, 3D adventure with the Disney Princess Pop-Up Magic Pop-Up Magic Castle Game. In this unpredictable game, players must keep moving towards the Enchanted Finish Stone. But, villains spaces slow down progress and Friend Tokens move players faster. For even more fun, this game board connects with other pop-up game boards.

Promotes: Imagination, Turn-taking

Ages: 3+

SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab -games for girls

With enough supplies for two girls, including two secret message cases, to save and share messages, the SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab is great for best friends. As they play, girls learn the science behind secret messages,  from acids and bases to filters and light waves, and more. The 24-page book includes activity instructions and science information.

Promotes: Chemistry, Following Directions

Ages: 8+

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants – Kindergarten Card Set

Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants - Kindergarten Card Set - games for girls

The Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants – Kindergarten Card Set is a set of 120 picture puzzles, math challenges, tongue-twisters, mazes, and vocabulary builders, all in a cute, convenient card set. Little girls and boys will enjoy solving the fun, age-appropriate puzzles.

Promotes: Vocabulary, Math, Visual Recognition, Problem Solving

Ages: 4 – 6

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