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Why are graphs useful?

Ever since I could remember, I've always struggled at maths. Drawing graphs to answer a math question had always been my biggest dislike. I felt troubled that I had to plot the axis in strict intervals, and had to bend that graphical ruler to represent my best fit graph. It was a chore to plot graphs.

Using Graphs to Support Formulas

Over time, as I progressed to higher education, I finally understood why graphs are so beneficial. They are important when you need to support a certain theorem, or to display certain information that is the neatest and easiest for the audience to comprehend. The beauty of plotting graphs is that you can use it for any academic disciplines, be it mathematics, engineering, medicine or even social sciences. It is the best tool to use when I needed to present a project work, especially when I could substitute the lengthy explanation with simple presentation.

This highlights another main point. In the future, you will graduate from your respective schools, and enter into the corporate world. Most of the time there is a need for you to report to your higher-ups at specific intervals of time. The graphs that you disliked earlier as a student will now serve an integral purpose in your life. It will be your best friend to approach when you need to convey financial information or facilitate data analysis to your report.

Gathering Different Information From Graphs

Studying the nature of graphs is interesting.  Different graphs can identify different information that an individual would like to represent. Some graphs can be used for data summary, for example your histograms and pie chart, which can display nominal values. They are also great at dividing into certain categories for better classification. Another classification would be functional graphs, which is a representation of mathematics in an algebraic expression. An example would be that a quadratic graph has a u-shape feature, an exponential graph having an asymptotic nature and so on. These are especially useful when you have to analyse the data findings of your profit and losses, or even measure your personal utility.

Regression Graphs

The other kind of graphical representation would be regression graphs. This is the most practical of the graphs. It can be used to represent whether certain machinery is viable for use, or certain medicine is useful to help the patient recover. It can also be utilised in economics to see whether certain policies implemented is useful to a selection of samples, all these with just a simple task of collecting data findings, summarising into data spreadsheet, and then graphing them out with computer software.

Take this opportunity to appreciate the wonders that graphs can bring into your life. In Bright-Math, our tutors adopt the most creative approach to pique the interests of the students on this important topic.  We strongly believe this will serve them well in the future and the best way right now, is to make learning graphs a fun and enjoyable experience.

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