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Learning Point

Last Updated on 22 November 2022

Learning Point

Beginning with our first centre at Thomson Plaza in 1999, Learning Point has a total of seven centres across Singapore today at Thomson Plaza, Eastpoint Mall, Bukit Timah Plaza, Parkway Centre, Macpherson Mall, Oasis Terrace and Century Square.

We regularly review our curriculum to ensure we teach MOE approved foundational skills. We empower our students with skills and confidence to perform well over time.

Programmes Offered


Learning Point_RFS

Read For Success (RFS)
Our Read for Success (RFS) programme grooms 4 to 6 year olds to read fluently through a uniquely-structured English phonics programme. This ensures that your child has a conducive environment to develop in as he or she interacts with peers and gains confidence in expressing himself or herself.

English (P1 Headstart)
Giving Your Child A Headstart The P1 Headstart Programme continues from the RFS Programme and gives your child a headstart in his first year in primary school through basic grammar awareness, reading comprehension, and simple cloze passage exercises. Your child will also be exposed to basic story writing skills.

Mathebolic (P1 Headstart)
The Mathebolic (P1 Headstart) Programme is designed to develop your child’s number sense and instil good mathematical practices in him or her. Through a range of meaningful activities, your child will construct and internalise key mathematical concepts that give him or her a headstart in the learning of mathematics in Primary One.


Learning Point_Science Explorers

Excellence in English (Primary)
The Excellence in English (EIE) programme effectively enriches motivated and competent students in the learning of English through a series of challenging and engaging lessons. They focus on thinking skills and creative writing techniques as well as empowering all students to perform well in the national examinations.

Mathebolic (Primary 1 and 2)
The Mathebolic Programme: Primary 1 and 2 is designed to help students attain a firm grasp of the fundamental numeracy skills, hone their thinking skills and develop their ability to apply heuristics in problem solving.

Mathebolic (Primary 3 to 6)
The Mathebolic Programme: Primary 3 to 6 is designed to help students master skills that will help them excel at the PSLE and sustain their learning of mathematics at the higher levels.

Science Explorers (Primary)
Memorising concepts is no longer enough to do well in Science. Based on the latest PSLE trends, students are required to be able to analyse questions and apply relevant concepts to synthesize answers based on the given contexts.


Learning Point_Literature

Excellence in English (EIE)
Mastery with Precision EIE is an essential programme for 13 to 16 year olds. This programme aims to enhance your child’s precision in the mastery of the English language. The EIE programme also equips your child with diverse strategies to handle seemingly complex genres.

Excellence in English STAR (EIESTAR)
Excellence through Global Awareness The EIE STAR programme is an intensive and rigorous 6-year enrichment programme which culminates in the GCE ‘A' Level General Paper Examination. This programme exposes your child to a wide variety of genres to broaden his global perspectives on world and regional issues.

Mathebolic (Secondary 1 and 2)
The Mathebolic Programme: Secondary 1 and 2 is designed to help students cope with the increased technical demand of Mathematics in secondary schools and prepare them for their study of Mathematics at the upper levels.

Mathebolic (Secondary 3 and 4)
The Mathebolic Programme: Secondary 3 and 4 (Additional Mathematics) is designed to help students excel in the subject at the GCE O-Level Examination and become confident users of mathematics who can think logically and critically.

Science Explorers (Secondary)
The Secondary Science programme focuses on reinforcing core concepts taught in school to lay the groundwork for stretching students further by infusing questions that require critical and inventive thinking throughout our curriculum.

Excellence in Literature
At Secondary 1, most students have never even heard of Literature before. To them it is a formidable subject that is difficult to excel in. They assume they do not have a flair for the subject and are either bored or intimidated or both!

Junior College

General Paper
The JC programme focuses on the 17- and 18-year-olds. This programme aims to help your child excel in his handling of the General Paper in the GCE A-Level Examination.


“As a mother, I am particularly impressed with the excellent programmes and the teaching culture of Learning Point teachers. The systematic and effective teaching methods, rigorous curriculum, comprehensive teaching materials and the patience, care and concern of her teacher have enabled Rose to make great progress within a short time and develop a strong interest in learning and a love for reading. I am very fortunate that my daughter is in such an excellent education centre – the lessons have helped her to lay a strong foundation in English.”
Mdm Tie Xin Rong, mother of Rose Yan (P1 Headstart Programme, 2017)

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Learning Point
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Eastpoint Mall: +65 6636 0892
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