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Ace Guru

About Us

Ace Guru Learning Centre is a premier education and tuition centre in Singapore where we genuinely care for the learning of our students. Our dedicated teachers and qualified tutors will monitor your child’s progress closely to ensure effective learning. Learning is made more interesting and interactive with innovative teaching aids.

At Ace Guru Learning Centre, we believe that every child learns at his/her own pace, with different learning styles. We strive to develop each child's potential to the fullest through our specially crafted learning materials. Students who seek to strengthen their foundation will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge and skills under the tutelage of our passionate teachers. For students who have mastered the fundamentals, they will be stretched with challenging questions to ensure that their learning potential is developed to the fullest.

Programmes Offered

We offer Pre-school, Primary and Secondary school level classes to attend to all the needs of your child. Using the new and innovative MimioTeach system, our teachers and tutors will make full use of the latest technological tools to make our lessons come to life and encourage active learning.

Pre-school Phonics and Mathematics
The key focus of our pre-school Phonics and Mathematics classes is to make the process of learning fun for your young ones, while building their foundation to prepare them for the primary school curriculum. Our friendly and caring teachers will guide your young ones through song and play, using modeling and interactive technology to appeal to your child's senses.

Our English classes focus on the basic building blocks of the English Language. Our theme-based worksheets will introduce a wide range of vocabulary, making use of authentic texts that your child can relate to. With the national examinations in mind, we equip your child with the skills and ability to tackle the PSLE and GCE ‘N' and ‘O' levels, making use of our expertise as qualified teachers from MOE.

Shakespeare (Creative Writing)
Our Shakespeare classes are tailored to bring out your child's flair for writing and ignite their creativity.

Singapore is famed for its successful Mathematics syllabus that makes use of pictures and models to teach mathematical concepts and Ace Guru has the best tools to bring that across to your child. Our interactive whiteboard enables your child to visualise and conceptualise Mathematical concepts to achieve better understanding.

We believe in a systematic and progressive method of learning about the sciences. Our worksheets are specially designed to guide your child step by step to learn more about the science in our everyday lives. Our objective is to help them understand and appreciate the wonders of science beyond the classroom.

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