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5 reasons why Math will interest you

1) You can draw higher salary

Everybody wants to be rich, own a private house and drive the nicest car. In order to be rich, you will need to secure a good career. Mathematics provides you all the necessary tools to be attractive to your potential hirer. An actuarial can draw a salary of S$120,000 a year, a physicist S$130,000 a year, and so on. Learning Mathematics in Singapore can provide you with a wide array of job opportunities!

2) Potential to enter into interesting courses in your university

Mathematics is such an important subject that most courses have it as a prerequisite. The university gladly accepts students with interest in mathematics, and the students have a lot of course choices to select, from economics, to engineering, and even in biomedical studies. Furthermore, mathematics is such a neutral subject that it can be taken with other courses, for students interested in double degree courses, such as mathematics and history, mathematics and music, etc. Mathematics degree is not purely numerical. There are other fields of significance, and this widens the options for every student.

3) Interchangeable skills

Students with great mathematics skills will always have options, even if they choose to not follow the technical path. Students are able to extrapolate those skills they learn in mathematics into other situations and areas of work.  For instance, mathematics relies a lot on logical thinking, which can be useful for people in any situation that requires steadfast thinking. Other skills in mathematics teach a person about concepts and representation, which develops a person’s cognitive ability. Better thinkers make better forecasts. It can even be helpful when you decide to invest!

4) It encourages you to be accurate and attentive

These are very wonderful traits to have. With mathematics, it makes you more attentive to calculations, be it from profit from your business, or calculating whether it is worth taking a risk in your investments, or even when you decide to settle your credit card bills. Math wires students with all the formula and concepts and that hones the student to be more careful, diligent and concise in everything they do, even to the minutest detail.

5) We become less reliant on technology

Notice that when we become better at mathematics, we become capable of finding many different shortcuts to calculate for mental sums. This reduces our reliance on calculators or tabulation programmes, especially when we have no access to either at that point in time. With mathematics, we may even learn computer coding programmes that enable us to create our favourite application, develop a game, and create different software to aid our convenience. That is the wonders that mathematics can bring into our lives.

Given all these benefits that mathematics can bring into your life, learn to embrace it with open arms. Any willing learner can master this subject. Alternatively, you can always seek a maths tutor for guidance. Bright-Maths have quality tutors and friendly peers that adds fun into learning!

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