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[INSEAD] Blockchain Revolution for the Enterprise Specialization

Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function — redefining the ways we transact online, share ideas, and manage workflows. It’s a new technology that every business professional needs to understand.

This four-course Specialization introduces you to the world of blockchain technology — explaining what blockchain is, how it works, and why it’s revolutionary. You will learn about various categories of cryptoassets, and the ways they can be transacted on a blockchain. You will learn how blockchain is disrupting business models and financial services, offering organizations new choices in how they create and manage value.

What you will learn

  • Seven design principles for the ‘Blockchain Revolution’
  • Terms such as miner, hash, nonce, consensus mechanism, public key cryptography, cryptoasset, smart contract, DApp, and self-sovereign identity
  • Top 10 challenges for implementing blockchain technology
  • Blockchain use-cases within your industry, and business model decisions to assess feasibility

Course Duration

Approximately one month to complete
Suggested 16 hours/week

Course Content

Blockchain Revolution

The Specialization is taught by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, globally-recognized authorities on innovation and technology and authors of the best-selling book Blockchain Revolution. The Specialization also includes various industry experts and developers from Ethereum, Grid Singularity, Keyless Technologies, and ResonanceX who will share their experiences within the blockchain ecosystem. Upon completion of this Specialization, you will produce a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis, in which you identify and evaluate a promising application of blockchain technology in your own industry.

Course 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technologies
Course 2: Transacting on the Blockchain
Course 3: Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications
Course 4: Blockchain Opportunity Analysis

Course Outcome

Upon completing this Specialization, you will be able to ​identify and evaluate a promising application of blockchain technology within your own industry or organization.

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