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Parents’ Guide to Avengers: Endgame (spoilers)

So you've watched Avengers: Endgame with your kids and they're firing all sorts of questions at you, leaving you clueless and feeling inadequate in coming up with answers? We feel you.

To help you deal with the situation, we've put together some interesting explanations and theories about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), in reference to Endgame as well as in the aftermath. This article contains spoilers, so if you haven't watched the movie, you should bookmark this for later reading.

One particularly tricky aspect of Endgame is time travel, despite what is explained in the above video.

For example, when Nebula (present day) shot dead Nebula (past), does that mean she just took herself out of existence? Not really. The Nebula (past) who was shot dead in the final sequence technically died in the future as she travelled forward in time to sabotage the Avengers' plan. Confusing much? Told you so.

But there's more.

The biggest question is: if Nebula can bring Thanos and his entire army to the present day without the Pym Particles, why can't the Avengers just retrieve the infinity stones in similar fashion without having to risk their lives to go back in time?

From the video above, you might also wonder what will happen after the snap is reversed. In the five years leading up to the final showdown, we saw a world (at least on Earth) that was desolated and depressed, with a “We've Got To Move On” support group thrown in for good measure. (Ok, I made that up.)

So if those who vanished in Avengers: Infinity War were brought back to life, wouldn't it lead to over-population and food shortages in a world that probably has adapted to supporting a diminished population?

And what about all those missing paperwork and fake news that need to be corrected (“Oh no, he didn't die!”)? Surely, the memorials/graves of those who have been declared dead will have to be “re-purposed” now that they are resurrected?

And imagine the power struggles that will ensue with the return of a former leader (e.g. a President who vanished during the snap). So who will assume the leadership role in the new world order? In the case of Wakanda, this will probably play out in some ways in the next installment of Black Panther.

In the meantime, you have to pray that your kid's rational side of the brain isn't developed yet, otherwise you will have to face a barrage of questions like these that your kid may ask (like mine did!).

So what's in store for the Marvel superheroes going forward? There are a number of speculations.

For one, Falcon will be the new Captain America. (No prize for guessing.) We are also likely to see an Iron Lad or Iron Girl. Well, anyone who has offsprings will probably have someone to carry on their torch, shield or whatever in one way or another.

So there you have it! Hopefully, this article will help you to keep your sanity from your pestering kids while you wait for the next MCU adventure to roll around.

Last Updated on 3 May 2023

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16 May 2019 10:55 pm

Here’s a video that tried to explain the plot holes:

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