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Revolut <18 Account: Nurturing Financial Responsibility in Your Kids

Last Updated on 31 May 2024

In a world dominated by technology and rapid financial advancements, imparting financial literacy to our children has never been more crucial. As parents, we understand the significance of equipping our children with essential life skills, and financial management tops the list.

If you're looking for a tool to help nurture your kids' financial responsibility, look no further than Revolut's <18 Account.

Designed to empower young individuals with financial knowledge while providing parents with a powerful tool to guide their children's financial journey, Revolut <18 is tailored for youngsters aged 7 to 17, offering them an opportunity to have their very own account and prepaid card.

With this account, you can set your kids up for financial success, enabling hands-on experience with digital and mobile banking services from a young age. The Revolut app allows you to store their allowance, and set-them up to start budgeting and create savings goals. You can also set up spending limit (monthly spending amount) and add a co-parent to the account, which provides another layer of security.

Using Revolut's <18 Account, you can play a pivotal role in managing and supervising your kids' account, ensuring a safe and educational financial experience for them.

Best of all, you can let your kids personalise their Revolut card.

Nurturing Financial Responsibility in Your Kids

Advantages of the Revolut <18 Card

Educational Financial Management: The Revolut <18 Card provides an engaging platform for children to learn about responsible money management. Parents can guide their children by setting spending limits, allocating allowances, and discussing financial decisions in a supportive environment.

Safety and Control: Parents maintain complete control over the <18 account, ensuring that their children spend within predefined limits. Real-time transaction monitoring and notifications add an extra layer of safety.

Emergency Usage: The card offers peace of mind during emergencies. Parents can swiftly transfer funds to the <18 account, enabling their child to use the card when needed, imparting vital lessons on financial preparedness.

Interactive and Intuitive App: The Revolut app offers a user-friendly interface designed to appeal to children. It presents a visual representation of their spending habits and savings, making it an interactive and educational tool.

How to Apply

Applying for a Revolut <18 Card is a straightforward process. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your Personal Account: Begin by applying for your own account on Revolut.
  2. Add a <18 Card: Once your Personal account is set up, add your child and apply for their Revolut <18 Card.
  3. Complete Verification: During the application, provide necessary identification and verification documents for both you and your child.
  4. Fund the Account: After approval, fund the <18 account, set up allowances, and monitor spending to ensure a controlled financial experience.
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