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Magic School Bus Books, DVDs and Activity Sets

11 Favorite Magic School Bus Books, DVDs and Activity Sets

The Magic School Bus was a hugely influential animated television show based on a popular book series. The show combined celebrity voices and science in a highly entertaining way. As a result, it was the highest rated show for school-age kids in its day.

The idea behind the show (and the books) was to introduce kids to science in a fun way. Many children do not engage with science classes in school because the teaching methods are dry and the subject matter is uninteresting. The Magic School Bus made learning fun, especially for girls.

Today’s parents can use the Magic School Bus books, DVDs and website resources to teach kids about science and nature. Ms. Frizzle’s wild and unpredictable bus adventures take children into the world of dinosaurs, deserts, rainforests, mountains and under the ocean, so if you want to inspire your children, introduce them to the amazing world of the Magic School Bus. They’ll love it!

The Complete Series

The Magic School Bus The Complete Series

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in all 52 episodes of this amazing series. The set contains eight DVDs and is the only full set available. Kids can take a magical ride with Ms. Frizzle aboard the Magic Bus. Sit down and watch all four seasons of the Magic School Bus DVD series with your child and you can both learn about science together.

Lost in The Solar System

The Magic School Bus Lost in The Solar System

The Magic School Bus titles have been re-released by Scholastic, so this is a great opportunity to add to your paperback collection. The Lost in The Solar System story teaches kids about the atmosphere, the Moon and Outer Space after the trip to the planetarium is cancelled. Luckily, Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus are there to save the day!

Inside the Human Body

The Magic School Bus - Inside the Human Body

If you have ever seen the iconic movie, Fantastic Voyage, you will have a good idea of where this story goes. In Inside the Human Body – Arnold has swallowed the bus, so instead of watching exhibits at the museum, the class gets a great view of Arnold’s insides. What fun!

On the Ocean Floor

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor

Ms. Fizzle (with a lifeguard in tow) decides to drive the Bus straight into the ocean, with fantastic results! On the Ocean Floor is a fantastic read for kids of all ages. Everyone will have a ball learning all about coral reefs, plants and animal habitats under the ocean waves, and hot water vents.

In the Time of the Dinosaurs

The Magic School Bus in the Time of the Dinosaurs

Kids love dinosaurs, so this book from the classic series will definitely appeal. Ms. Frizzle has transformed the classroom into Dinosaur Land, but the kids crave a more authentic experience, so inspired by an archeological dig, they are delighted to be transported back to the land of the dinosaurs via the Magic School Bus. In the Time of the Dinosaurs book will teach your kids all about dinosaurs and their habits, in a super fun way.

Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab is fun and educational. The kit contains everything kids and parents need to create awesome chemistry experiments – and it’s all inspired by the time Ms. Frizzle took her students on a science field trip. The kit is shaped like a bus. It comes with three plastic trays, which are designed to hold all of the essential components. This is a fantastic hands-on science learning kit!

Inside the Earth

The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth

In Inside the Earth book, the class and Ms. Frizzle takes a wild field trip through the earth’s crust, straight to the center of the earth, and then back out of a volcano. This is a super exciting yarn, with lots of information included in the story. Your kids will learn some great facts about the science of rocks. Science has never been so exciting!

Creepy, Crawly Fun

The Magic School Bus – Creepy, Crawly Fun

The Creepy, Crawly Fun DVD takes your kids (along with Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus on a spooky trip through a haunted house. There aren’t any ghosts, but there are lots of nocturnal creatures lurking in dark corners and the kids learn a valuable lesson about spiders when they are zapped into a monster movie. This DVD is creepy, crawly fun galore!

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds

The Magic School Bus Plants Seeds is an excellent book about how living things grow. In the story, Ms. Frizzle’s class is growing a lovely garden but poor Phoebe’s plot is empty, as her flowers have been left behind at her old school. Luckily, the bus is on hand to transport the kids back to the old school, so they can all see Phoebe’s flowers – and take a magical trip inside one of them!

The Magic School Bus Oceans – Nintendo DS

The Magic School Bus Oceans – Nintendo

The Magic School Bus Oceans for the Nintendo DS is a fun, interactive game for kids. There are seven mini games to explore, with over 200 different science interaction points. Kids can earn points to unlock different areas of the ocean and learn lots of exciting facts about life under the waves.

The Magic School Bus is a great learning tool for educators, parents and kids, so jump on board for some awesome, engaging fun!

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