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Through The Looking Glass – An Interview With The Rector

As rector of IE University, Salvador Carmona maintains his focus on what makes this innovative institution stand out: top graduate employability, a highly international student body and entrepreneurial spirit.

Through the looking glass II 1024x683 - Through The Looking Glass - An Interview With The RectorIE University, which sprang forth from the prestigious IE Business School, is pushing forward rapidly thanks to its unique blend of academic rigour, practical learning and a multi-disciplinary approach. The finest of balances is sought between the commercial ethos of IE and a commitment to humanities, which means that all students – even law and business graduates – study elements of philosophy, literature and history.

For Carmona, thanks to the “excellent starting point” provided by the Business School, IE University is accelerating towards a new canon of higher education.

“We lack the baggage that tends to weigh down more traditional institutions. We’ve been able to create a modern university from the ground up, using a set of fundamental guidelines: graduate employability and internationalisation, a humanistic focus, and an entrepreneurial spirit. And these guiding principles all revolve around the university’s innovative nature.”

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