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Stalford Learning Centre

Stalford Learning Centre was started with the very belief that no student should be left behind and that every student has the potential to be nurtured into active learners and ambitious achievers in attaining their academic goals. At our centre, we have stood by our beliefs in every decision made during this past decade, and such beliefs have guided us every step of the way till today.

Throughout the years, Stalford Learning Centre has strived for bringing nothing short of excellence for our students, be it our strong team of over 400 qualified tutors, friendly and efficient staff, carefully aligned curriculum, a conducive and mentally stimulating environment, and the best teaching materials. Also with the support of believers of our pedagogy, Stalford has successfully expanded tremendously from a mere outlet to a full-fledged learning centre with 15 branches islandwide.

Along our journey, many parents who also subscribe to our philosophy, have left their child in our hands to walk their journey with them, and still entrusts them to us even as they are about to become mature youths. Today, more than a decade long after our inception in 1998, Stalford has not only garnered the trust of many, more importantly, we have also become the choice of many parents like you.

At Stalford Learning Centre, we aim to provide quality education and excellent service to all our students, assisting them in achieving their aims and realizing their dreams through quality education, the expertise of experienced teachers, a well-trained team of staff and a transparent administrative system. We strongly believe that we are capable of guiding our students and providing them with a holistic education.

Programmes Offered

Primary 1-6

  • For GEP & Mainstream
  • Modelled according to the new MOE syllabus
  • Reinforce key concepts for each subject
  • Cover heuristic and problem solving skills
  • Lessons are pitched at 20% above the average school standard to ensure that pupils are constantly challenged
  • Taught by a team of top notch educators who are specialists in their own field (includes Top School Teachers, Renowned Textbook and Assessment Book Authors
  • Classes are arranged to suit the learning ability of each pupil

Heuristics Maths
Chinese/Higher Chinese
Olympiad Maths
English Creative Writing & Comprehension


  • Modelled closely according to the new MOE syllabus
  • Reinforce key concepts for each subject
  • Taught by a team of top notch educators who are specialists in their own fields (includes Top School Teachers, Renowned Textbook and Assessment Book Authors
  • Students are placed in classes closely matched to their learning abilities, ensuring they learn at a suitable pace

Principle of Accounts
Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)
Chemistry (Pure/Combined)
Physics (Pure/Combined)
Biology (Pure/Combined)

Junior College

  • Devised according to the latest ‘A’ Level syllabus
  • Conducted by lecturers who have taught at Junior Colleges and Universities
  • Lessons are planned ahead of average JC to ensure that students have ample time to revise and prepare for the ‘A’ Levels
  • Comprehensive notes include detailed explanations

General Paper
Economics (H1/H2)
Mathematics (H1/H2)
Biology (H1/H2)
Physics (H1/H2)
Chemistry (H1/H2)
Chinese (H1/H2)
Chinese Literature (H1/H2)


Tan Wei Jun“I have been in Stalford for the past 6 years and throughout, I always find their notes beneficial and this greatly aids me in my studies. The teachers here are passionate and motivated me to maximise my potential. Stalford also provides a conducive environment where I can focus on learning. Their notes are unique and good for independent learning. Stalford is truly a student’s best helper!”

Tan Wei Jun, Nan Hua Primary
PSLE aggregate: 276
Top in school| Ranked 7th Nationwide

He Wan Ru“My family relocated to China from 2007 to 2010 and when I returned to Singapore, I had to double my effort in catching up with the standard of English here. My teacher in Stalford is extremely helpful and patient. The engaging lessons coupled with the set of formulated notes allowed me to improve from a low B to Distinction for English! Thank you Stalford!”

He Wan Ru, Chong Fu Primary
PSLE aggregate: 270
2nd in school

Stalford logo
Stalford Learning Centre
Email: [email protected]

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27 August 2018 10:39 am

I DO NOT Recommend Staldford Learning Centre any of the parents. My son who is on P2 attend P2 Chinese. When he started he was Band 2 so wife and I thought he is good and he can do better. After 5 months he dropped to Band 3, and his last result at the edge of failure. Despite we give the feedback to teacher and take action but instead my son’s result further go down. Now we withdraw and mother tutoring with 2 months to recover what Stalford made. My personal opinion; They are corporate looking for IPO and don’t… Read more »

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