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Aviator Programmes

Last Updated on 20 January 2024

In the aviator programme, students will have a balance of discovering and learning about general aviation knowledge and flight operations. They will be able to look forward to testing their piloting skills and learn to make takeoffs, climbs, glides, turns, descents, and landings on a Cessna 172 flight simulator. These maneuvers speed up the in-aircraft training as they progress on a higher level of the aviator programme.

Course Provider

Aeroviation Singapore focuses on an integrated technology-based curriculum through the use of AR and VR technology as our main learning tool for students to apply what they learned in theory through hands-on learning. This will also allow them to explore the world of aviation and provide them insights into the vast aviation industries that are available for them. With the benefits of a STEM incorporated curriculum and an emphasis on the spirit of learning, students will be able to improve their knowledge of Physics, Maths, and Geography while realising their dreams of flight.

Course Duration and Fees

Junior Aviator (7 – 12 Years Old) – S$240/month

  • Beginner (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 1.5hr/session
  • Intermediate (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 1.5hr/session
  • Advanced (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 1.5hr/session

Young Aviator (13 – 17 Years Old) – S$280/month

  • Beginner (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 2hr/session
  • Intermediate (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 2hr/session
  • Advanced (4 Months | 12 sessions) – 2hr/session

How to Enrol

For those who are interested, you are highly encouraged to book an appointment for a FREE Trial Flight Simulator Session and Career Guidance Consultation prior to enrolling in the programme so that we can understand you better.


Email: [email protected]
Tel: +65 9650 5564
Facebook: aeroviationsg

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