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Essential Teacher Supplies for a Savvy School Year

25 Essential Teacher Supplies for a Savvy School Year

Whether you're a new teacher setting up your dream classroom, or a veteran educator looking to breathe life into your space, there's a myriad of products that can improve the atmosphere and instructional possibilities of your educational environment. From functional decor to cute accessories, with just a few new items your classroom can be transformed from all right to just right! Check out some of our favorite teacher supplies picks below and get inspired!

Reading Comprehension Cubes

Reading Comprehension CubesReading Comprehension Cubes are a great way to get the conversation “rolling” around a story or passage. The six foam cubes can be utilized in small groups or independently, to inspire your students to think deeply about their assignment. Red cube questions are posed before reading, blue during reading, and green post-reading. The questions range from straightforward to philosophical, with questions like “what lessons can you learn from the story?” to “what is the main idea?”

Dry Erase Lapboards

dry Erase LapboardsPop quiz time! This set of twelve Dry Erase Lapboards from Charles Leonard can turn your classroom into a game show. From English to math, your students will love racing to find and share the answer to your question before their peers do! Use the lapboards as a quick assessment tool to make sure the class is on track. The set includes twelve lapboards, markers, erasers and convenient storage box.

Scotch Thermal Laminator

Scotch Thermal LaminatorIf you feel like you're constantly walking to the main office to use the laminator, then check out the Scotch Thermal Laminator for smaller projects. The handy laminator will fit conveniently on your desk and can laminate one standard-size page per minute. Use it for classroom signs, DIY dry-erase worksheets, and much more! Purchase the laminator with pouches to save money, and start using right away.

Monogrammed Coach Whistle

Monogrammed Coach WhistleThis Monogrammed Coach Whistle from Etsy shop netexchange makes a great gift for coaches and teachers alike. This high-shine whistle can come in handy whether you're getting the attention of an assembly, leading PE class or on recess duty. With a name engraving, you won't have to worry about losing it on school grounds. Choose from fifteen fonts and four different designs to make a custom whistle that suits your personality.

Eureka Time Telling Bulletin Board Set

Eureka Time Telling Bulletin Board SetTelling time all the time? With the Eureka Time Telling Bulletin Board Set, young students can more readily read an analog clock. Simply place the cutouts around the clock to give your students an extra hand in telling the time. The kit also includes six punch out clocks with adjustable hands, “time for _____” plaques, and other useful accents. “Time flies when you're having fun!”

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