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24 Playmobil Sets for Children of All Ages

25 of the Best Playmobil Sets for Children of All Ages

Playmobil is an immensely popular brand and most homes have several sets in regular use. The brand has been around since the 70’s and despite the proliferation of electronic gadgets, Playmobil sets remain as popular today as they were 45 years ago.

There is a huge range of Playmobil sets to choose. This creative toy crosses every cultural divide and every age is catered for – there are even sets for the under fours. Kids can start off with small sets and build up their savings until they can afford a full play set. The great thing about Playmobil is that there is something for everyone. Children can play with themed fire trucks or knights in castles; the range is vast and ever expanding.

Playmobil encourage children to use their imagination. Open up a set and kids can create a wonderful imaginary world of creative play. Each set encourages kids to develop empathy and hone their fine motor skills. The arms and legs move on each of the figures, so your children can devise all kinds of fun play adventures that reflect real life situations.

We love Playmobil sets and we think you will to, so here are some of the best to explore.

1. Playground Set

Playmobil Playground Set

Who needs a real life playground when you have the immensely popular Playmobil Playground Set? Kids will love the Playmobil Playground Set. It contains a slide, roundabout and activity equipment. It also includes a kite, park bench, cooler and sand toys, plus an adult and four children figures. Children can push figures down the slide or push them on the swing set.

2. School Bus

Playmobil School Bus

The big yellow Playmobil School Bus is perfect for transporting figures to and from school. The front and rear lights on the school bus work and there are plenty of seats for all of your play figures. The set includes the bus plus four Playmobil figures, plus some other exciting accessories.

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Originally posted on January 5, 2020 @ 10:47 am

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