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Last Updated on 6 June 2021

Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Centre
Count your lucky star that your child has access to a decent education. In some parts of the world, children are not so fortunate. Take Myanmar for instance. Over the past six decades, the military regime has totally destroyed the education system through centralisation and dramatically reducing the education budget. The military government claims that the modern state is founded on education, but the reality is that it forces students to memorise text books and write rote learned answers in exams with the intention of killing creativity and critical thinking. Instead of increasing the public education budget, the so-called “civilian” government encouraged investment in private universities.

However, educating the next generation of children is the most important investment in the future of any society. For this reason, the Doh Kyoun Thar Free Education Centre was founded to supplement the current compulsory curriculum with training and lectures around diversity, tolerance and a move away from the teacher-centred brainwashing approach used in state schools.

In the meantime, the school, which operates solely on donations, is running a fundraiser. It needs funds to “keep the lights on” and pay the rent and repairs on the building which is due in August. Any extra funds will be used for resources as basic as computers, internet connection and projectors. It also hopes to eventually expand to have a community library, debate clubs and a summer school.

To contribute, visit this page: And it doesn't have to be much. Any donation goes a long way here.

If you want to get in touch or contribute in another way, please go to its Facebook Page.

Also, check out our “Ads for Good” programme for nonprofit organisations.

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