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UniWise - Winning Formula

UniWise is a Singapore-based university admissions consultancy that specialises in providing bespoke guidance and support to students navigating admissions to US and UK universities.

9 in 10 students succeed in their applications with us. We take pride in our proven track record of helping numerous students obtain offers from Oxbridge and Ivy League universities

Programmes/Courses Offered

UK/US Undergraduate Application Programmes

These comprehensive programmes cover all aspects of the application from start to finish, ensuring that students have all the support they need to succeed in their applications.

Unparalleled personalised attention: Each student receives support from 4 experienced consultants, each a specialist in the domain they are assisting with (e.g. Personal Statement, interviews etc).

Flexibility: Students can start and progress at their own pace, granting them additional headroom to focus on academic and ECAs

Oxbridge/Ivy League team: Students will be supported by consultants fully equipped with resources and first-hand insights on how to succeed

Research Mentorship Programme

This programme is designed to provide students with specialised skills tailored to their areas of interest. Over a 2-month duration, students will be mentored by distinguished professors from top US/UK universities, leading to the completion of a final project (e.g. research paper).

Students are given a unique opportunity to work with a top researcher in their field of interest, advancing their development in ways not possible within the school curriculum.

Students are also able to demonstrate their potential to excel in rigorous university environments (potentially receiving letters of recommendation from the professors).

Postgraduate Application Programmes (Master & PhD)

These programmes offer specialised support for students aiming to pursue postgraduate degrees. Our team assists with identifying the best-fit programmes, preparing compelling statements of purpose, and crafting applications that effectively showcase the student's academic achievements and professional experiences.

ACE: Admissions & Career Enhancement

Tailored specifically for pre-University students, this programme serves as a gateway to making well-informed decisions about their future academic and career paths. Students are presented with a golden opportunity to explore their academic and career interests in depth, enabling them to cultivate a compelling profile for university admissions.

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Tel: +65 9724 1367
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: uniwise_sg
LinkedIn: uniwise-sg

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Last Updated on 7 June 2024

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