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[Monash University Australia] Master of Education

This programme is designed to meet the needs of educators, educational administrators, managers, policy makers and others interested or involved in learning and education within the wider educational community or working in the corporate or government sector.

Many research areas are offered in this programme, including: early childhood, primary and secondary education, gifted and special education, information and communication technology in education, international education, leadership and policy development, literacy studies, mathematics and science education, music education, school and organisational leadership, work and learning studies, educational and developmental psychology, counselling, mentoring and coaching, professional development studies, teaching English as a foreign or second language and sport and outdoor recreation.

Course Duration

1.5 years (full time)
3 years (part time)


On-campus at Clayton: Full time & part time
On-campus at Peninsula: Full time & part time
Off-campus: Full time & part time

Course Outline

In this programme, you will complete two coursework units and a thesis of 20-25,000 words, under the supervision of at least two expert academics.

The coursework component comprises a research methods unit and an elective unit which consolidates your familiarity with research in education and develops your understanding of core concepts that may be incorporated into your research. In the research unit, you deepen your appreciation of research and the ethical implications of research decisions and consider how the elements of research design work together for robust outcomes. In the elective unit, you engage with key ideas and concepts in a particular area that may be incorporated into your research project.

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the course will signify that the student has completed a course of postgraduate training in research under proper academic supervision and has submitted a thesis that the examiners have declared to be a significant contribution to knowledge and which demonstrates the student's capacity to carry out independent research.

Progression to further studies
Students who have made exceptional progress and whose project is of sufficient depth and breadth may apply to transfer to a Doctor of Philosophy within 15 months (equivalent full-time) of commencing this course.

Entry Requirements

You need to satisfy the following entrance requirements to be considered for entry to this course.

All applicants must be able to demonstrate a capacity to carry out independent research and have adequate training and ability to pursue the proposed course of study.

English requirements
Sound English language skills are required for academic programs at Monash University.

University entrance requirements
Minimum entrance requirements for admission to Monash University Australia.

Applications for this course are submitted via the research degree and scholarship online application form.

Contact Information

Monash Graduate Education
Chancellery Building D
26 Sports Walk
Monash University
Clayton, Victoria 3800
Tel: 1800 666 274 (Domestic) / +61 3 9902 6011 (Outside Australia)
Online Enquiry
Facebook: Monash.University
Twitter: @MonashUni
LinkedIn: monash-university

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