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10 Terrific Toys for Autistic Children

Toys for Autistic Children

Children on the autism spectrum love toys just as much as any other kid. But because of their unique sensory needs and sensitivities choosing the right toys can be a little more complicated. When choosing toys for autistic children, it’s helpful to find ones intended to help develop their social or fine and gross motor skills. You may also want to look for specialty toys that are weighted or tactile pleasing and intended to provide a sense of comfort and security. Consider the needs and interests of each specific child when choosing their toys. Check out this list of toys suited for the needs of autistic children to help you get started.

1. Ruff’s House Tactile Set


Ruff’s House Tactile Set is an adorable sensory exploration toy. Children can explore the different textures of the bones through touch. This set stands out among toys for autistic children, especially younger children, because it provides opportunities to work on vocabulary and communication skills. Ruff’s House and bones can also be used to teach taking turns and sharing, in order to work on social interaction. This appealing toy also aids in fine motor skill development.

Ages: 3+

2. Cozy Canoe


Cozy Canoe is a great toy for a child with unique sensory needs. The canoe is a standout among toys for autistic children because it provides deep pressure in order to help calm restlessness. The coziness is ideal for creating a calming space for coping with anxiety, aggressive feelings or difficulty sitting still. The canoe is also a fun toy! Kids can bounce around inside and pretend to be on the water. Or turn it over to make a play fort or tent. The durable material will hold up to quite a bit of rough play.

Ages: 3-12

3. Chubuddy Chewable Robot Pendant

Chubuddy Chewable Robot Pendant is a great toy for children who find oral sensory stimulation to be soothing and helpful with concentration. This pendant is a fun robot design and can be purchased in multiple colors. This robot is made from non-toxic materials and is a pleasing texture. The pendant comes on a cord with a safety breakaway clasp. The robot pendant can be worn as an ordinary necklace when not needed for oral sensory stimulation.

Ages: 3+

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