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Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Fellowship

Scholarship Facts

The Singapore-Stanford Biodesign (SSB) Fellowship is a highly competitive programme directed towards creative and entrepreneurial individuals, who have a strong interest in invention and early-stage development of new medical technologies.

This full-time Fellowship offers intensive hands-on training experience on the entire value chain of medical technology innovation. It spans one year, of which six months will be spent at Stanford University and thereafter six months in Singapore.

The SSB Fellows will be trained to innovate and commercialise medical technologies through the Biodesign Process, working together as a multi-disciplinary team comprising engineers, clinicians and business/industry professionals. They will learn clinical needs identification and verification, brainstorming, design-thinking, prototyping, intellectual property, regulatory compliance, reimbursement systems, business plan development, start-up financing, among other things. Furthermore, there will be coaching by “real-world” mentors from the medical technology industry, and associated legal and venture capital fraternities in the U.S. and Singapore.

Upon completing the Fellowship, the SSB Fellows should be able to apply their training to innovate medical devices with Asian relevance and applications. It is hoped that our SSB Fellows will put Singapore at the forefront of advances in medical technology and become future leaders in a challenging but rewarding space.

The SSB Fellowship seeks to select a multidisciplinary team of 4 Fellows each year, comprising engineers, doctors and business/industry/industrial design professionals.

Application Criteria & Procedures

We are looking for individuals with a strong interest in Asian medical device innovation. Priority will be given to Singapore citizens or Permanent Residents. Successful applicants should have advanced degrees (e.g. Master, Ph.D., M.D., M.B.B.S.) and/or significant industry work experience. Candidates will be judged in terms of their potential to become leaders in biomedical technology innovation, including demonstrated potential in creativity and invention.

How to Apply
To apply for the SSB Fellowship, please take time to reference and prepare for the online application form.

Please contact two referees to write reference letters with regards to your application and get the referees to send the emails to us directly at [email protected]. You can download the letter template here.

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