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The DSTA Scholarship application is now open!

Does your child have a passion for science and technology? Get a DSTA scholarship to kick-start their dream of an exciting career in the Defence Technology community.

With the DSTA Scholarship, your child will be entrusted to create the future of our national defence and security.

DSTA Scholarship

Take Benjamin Choi for instance. Benjamin, who studied Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, works with a team at DSO National Laboratories on algorithems and software to make unmanned vehicles perform critical missions autonomously in harsh environments. He has to ensure the compatibility of the systems in real-world situations that our servicemen face. (You can read about his scholarship journey here.)

Isaac Long, an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science graduate from the University of California – Berkeley, is another DSTA scholar who was attracted by the prospects of solving real-world challenges and building up Singapore’s defence and engineering capabilities. After completing his internship with DSTA, Isaac now performs cybersecurity tests and audits, and evaluate the cyber health of systems in MINDEF and SAF. Although his role may not be as glamorous as what is often depicted in movies and popular culture, he is thrilled to be among the brightest and most innovative minds in the industry. (Check out his story here!)

Both of these scholarship recipients have realised their potentials with a fulfilling and meaningful career at the forefront of science and technology. So can your child!

You child can now apply for the DSTA Scholarship by 8 April 2018. You can find out more about the value of award and the application criteria here.

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