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3 Easy Steps To Raising Kids Who Like Books


It’s never too soon to start reading to your kid. Apply these reading tips you’ll someday hear in parent/teacher conferences, and you’ll not only do wonders for your kid’s educational development, you’ll know what to mumble off whenever you get accused of not paying attention at a parent/teacher conference:

  • Ritualise a reading time 5-7 days per week
  • Alternate reading nights with your spouse to offer a new perspective and voice
  • Get weird with the voices when you read
  • Read when your kid’s around. Your example is a major factor.
  • Visit the library regularly and let your kid select whatever they want
Don’t Complain About Reading The Same Books Over And Over

My three kids could each read before kindergarten, and I attribute it to putting “miles on the page” with them on their favourite books: “They just need to hear it over and over again, point to the word, and have that access. It’s OK to read the same book 5,000 times.” Mind numbing and torturous for you, but the result speaks for itself.

Occasionally Read Them Something You Want To Read

Reserve a couple of nights every week to put down the picture book you’ve read 5,000 times in favour of a classic you love. “They were far above what my little 6- or 5-year-old brain could handle, but I loved listening to him read it and that shared experience.” Bonus points for letting them hear their first swear words in the name of literacy.

Create Activities Around Elements In The Book

Make a book exciting and not just a bedtime precursor by using its thematic elements to inspire fun stuff in the real world.

But, mostly, you just need to make sure your kid sees a page at least as often as they see a screen. And talk funny when you read to them. Do that enough, and it should be smooth sailing.

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