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Parenting with Confidence workshop (7 to 12 year olds)

Don't fight with your child, learn how to relate to them in a way that will build them up while teaching them boundaries and respect. This Parenting with Confidence workshop, organised by Focus on the Family Singapore, is designed to enable you to pick up tips on effective communication and raising your children as secure daughters and confident sons!

Through this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Communicate effectively with your child
  • Teach your child how to balance choice and limits
  • Build up your child and impart crucial problem-solving skills
  • Get in first to address “tween” issues and independence

Who Should Attend

  • Parents with children between 7-12 years of age
  • Grandparents and primary caregivers
  • Parent Support Groups seeking a well-structured, practical curriculum with small group discussions
  • Educators (e.g. Family Life Educators, Preschool Teachers, etc)

Dates: 12, 19, 26 September & 3 October (Tuesday)
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm
Venue: Focus on the Family Singapore, Family Life Training Rooms, 9 Bishan Place, #08-03 Junction 8 Officer Tower
Fee: S$120 (individual) / S$180 (bring-your-spouse/friend)

You can sign up for the workshop here.

Facilitator: Rachael Lim
With a passion to strengthen marriages and reach out to families with young children, Rachael desires to help parents cope with the challenges of parenting and help them to better understand the changing needs of their growing children. A mother of two, Rachael & her family enjoy outings to the beach, taking walks in the park and reading together as a family.

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