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How to make an informed choice after O-Levels

“What’s next after the O-levels? What is the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE)? What are my next education pathway options? Is poly right for me?”

These are some questions that O-level finishers and their parents have in their minds when the O-level results are released.

Like others, Charlene asked herself these questions when she held the results slip in the school hall of Marsiling Secondary School. JAE can be intimidating for some, especially when there are so many options. Charlene did well in her O-level examinations and scored seven points. She could choose to either apply to a junior college or a polytechnic to further her studies.

It is an extremely important decision for Charlene because it would affect her studies for the next two to three years. Furthermore, it would determine her future career. Charlene knew that such an important decision should not be taken lightly.

She asked herself, ‘How are the lessons conducted? How can I match my passion and talents with my career choice? Which is the best route for me? How do I submit a successful JAE application? Who and where can I seek clarification from? What’s the industry like?’

The internet is a good place to look for information but Charlene soon realised that there was a lot of information from many different sources. Charlene knew that she needed to clarify her doubts. She made the decision to visit Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Open House. It was at the open house where she discovered her passion and calling, learnt how RP students transform through final-year projects, internships, students overseas trips, and found out about successful graduates who went on to achieve academic and professional excellence.

To help you make an informed choice together with your child, we invite you to join us at RP Open House from 4 to 6 Jan 2018.

Parents' Talk for O-Level grads
In addition, RP has organised a Parents’ Talk for all O-level finishers and their parents. We will share tips and essential information for a successful JAE application as well as parents’ sharing on their child’s experience in RP. In addition, there will be opportunities to learn about different industry sectors and their prospects from our lecturers during the course counselling session. The event is happening on 11 and 12 January 2018. Sign up now as seats are limited.

Today, Charlene is a proud RP alumna and under-going the Earn-and-Learn Programme with The Regent Singapore as an F&B Captain. She is extremely happy to be making a career out of her passion in hospitality and tourism. Come to the RP Parents’ Talk 2018 to discover how Charlene made her choice as well as how RP can transform your child into a professional and passionate problem-solver to achieve his or her aspirations.

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