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10 Unique DIY Christmas Gift Ideas to Bless Your Loved Ones With


Keeping your gifts special and meaningful instead of the usual gadgets and gizmos

If you’re looking to present gifts that are more heartfelt and a little more out of the ordinary to your loved ones this Christmas, you might want to consider some of the following gift ideas that we hope will truly help you and your gift stand out among the rest.

Design a T-shirt
Get a witty or quirky phrase that you share with your loved one printed on a T-shirt. Better yet, doodle something that you think would bring a smile to your loved one’s face and get that printed on a T-shirt as well. Source for a T-shirt printer online and there you have it – your very own bespoke clothing.

Gifts made of Lego
There are plenty of ideas to do up practical objects for family and friends that you can easily make with Lego bricks. From stationery containers to mobile phone holders, there are a myriad items you can make out of Lego for unique gifts to present to people you love.

Pen a poem
Tap into your inner poetic spirit. Pen a poem on pretty paper and surprise your loved one with it.
Out of creative juices? Simply google for ideas on how to get started on writing a poem on a topic that you think would resonate with him or her.

Design your own love coupons
Design and print your very own booklet of love coupons. Come up with a whole bunch of loving things you will do for your loved ones. Tailor-make your promises of love to meet each of your loved ones’ emotional needs. Promise a back rub to your spouse if he enjoys physical touch or a home-cooked meal for a loved one who feels most cherished when acts of service are performed for her. Be generous and offer each loved one a thick wad of your love coupons with a variety of promises.

Make a scrapbook
Sieve through Instagram or your photo roll in your phone. Get photos printed and do up an attractive photo journal of your most precious memories you’ve shared with the loved one you are giving this gift to. All you need is paper and glue.

Write and record a song
Even if you haven’t got the voice of an angel, the sheer effort of writing a song and crooning it for a loved one speaks volumes of your love for the person.

Frame up children’s doodles
Frame up your children’s doodles for their grandparents or your spouse. Your spouse might find such a gift as a welcome addition to his workspace and your parents will certainly look upon the children’s drawings as beautiful works of art to be proudly displayed in their home.

Family recipe
If you have a precious family recipe handed down to you by your grandmother or a grand aunt that you’d like to share with your friends and other loved ones, there is no better time to do so than during this season of giving. Have the recipe printed, frame it up and gift it to friends and family who love nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Scented candles
Make your very own scented candles so that each time a loved one walks into a room, the delightful scent given off by the candle you’ve made will remind them of your thoughtfulness towards them.

Jars of love
Fill jars with anything handmade or homemade by you. From cookies to jam to chocolates, give your loved ones opportunities to taste your affection for them through delectable food items you have made for them with much love.

Have a go at these ideas and we hope your loved ones will be completely bowled over by all the effort you’ve put into blessing them with meaningful and unique gifts this coming season of giving!

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