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Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre

Fast Facts

Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre was established in Singapore by Sifu Chua Kah Joo. Sifu Chua is well versed in various martial arts, and is also the founder of Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Streatham, London and Wing Chun Martial Arts Academy in Maidenhead, UK.

The Training Centre is well equipped with training facilities and is located in Midview City. Instructors are carefully selected and are under the strict guidance of Sifu Chua.

The Centre operates on a flexible learning structure where students have the option to choose any day of the week from Monday to Sunday for training, except Friday. There are no classes on Fridays and public holidays.

Sifu Chua

Wing Chun is a close range martial art, which emphasizes practicality and efficiency in its techniques rather than brute strength.

Efficiency in Wing Chun is based on the concept that, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line and it always focuses on the opponent's centre line.

Practicing Wing Chun helps to improve sensitivity, reflex, balance and co-ordination.

Programmes Offered

Siu Lim Tau (The First Form)
Translates as ‘little idea form', this is the fundamental training of Wing Chun martial art and it consists of three parts. The first part develops the understanding of the basic movements. It also defines the centre line principles and the body structure. The second part focuses on the proper use of power and the energy flow. While the third part is the practice of the techniques utilising the ‘xing' (action) and ‘yi' (mind) which cultivate the internal energy.

Chum Kiu (The Second Form)
Known also as ‘seeking arm form' or ‘building the bridge', you learn how to reach out and bridge your opponent. It trains the shifting stance, footwork, kicks and various blocks.

Biu Jee (The Third Form)
Known as ‘flying fingers' or ‘thrusting finger form', it develops the attacking techniques, particularly in the fingertips, hands and elbows. You also use it to recover from missed or ovr-committed strikes, thus its other name, ‘gow gup sau' which means ‘first aid hand'.

Chi Sau (Sticky Hand Technique)
In Wing Chun, Chi Sau is the most important aspect of the training. It is a sparring technique which functions as a bridge between the 3 forms of Wing Chun martial art and free fighting. Chi Sau develops extreme sensitivity and reflexes using all the techniques, positions, knowledge of how to use the energy, learnt from stage to stage.

Wooden Dummy
It is to train the techniques without a sparring partner. Practising on the wooden dummy enables you to generate full power which is not possible with a training partner. It develops the ‘inch-power' i.e., the focusing of the energy into the last inch of the strike. It also allows you to angle the strike to achieve maximum effect.

Weapon Forms
Bak Cham Dou (Butterfly swords)
Lok Dim Boon Kuan (Six-and-a-half point pole)

Zhineng Qigong
Separate session on Zhineng Qigong for self-healing and enhancement of intrinsic energy.

How to get there
  • Take bus 410W or 52 from Bishan MRT or 410G from Marymount MRT.
  • Alight at Ai Tong School bus stop.
  • Walk towards Midview City which is just behind the school.
  • Take the lift to the 6th floor. (Refer below picture for the nearest Lift Lobby to the Training Centre).
  • Once you exit the lift at 6th floor, turn to your left and follow the Unit numbers. Our unit number is 29.

Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre
Wing Chun Kuen Training Centre
#06-29 Sin Ming Lane,
Block 18 Midview City,
Singapore 573960
Tel: (65) 9624 6895