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Pentagon Learning

Fast Facts

Pentagon provides quality English & Mathematics programmes through creative and engaging pedagogies for students of Primary to Secondary level. Our classrooms have been engineered to engage students through interactive learning activities, encourage the asking of thought provoking questions, and attitude of lifelong learning.

Pentagon_modernModern integrated approach within a conducive learning environment

Why our method works

FUN and ENGAGING – your child will look forward to learning!
EASY to understand – no “special method” for solving, no need to memorise different methods for different teachers, different phrasing, different this or that.. NO MORE STRESS!
FIRM foundation builders – what we teach stays with your child for LIFE! benefiting them in Sec School, Poly/JC, university.
LASER FOCUSED – fix weak areas quickly before they “snowball” into bigger problems
CUSTOMISED – comfortable pace for your child means better retention of knowledge
SMALL GROUP – more attention and help given to your child

Programmes Offered

penta Mathematics

  • Explore the FUN side of mathematics!
  • Pick up life-long aptitude and confidence to handle Mathematics by having a FIRM FOUNDATION.
  • When math becomes fun and easy, your child will be able to handle maths for LIFE!​
  • Catered to Academic Levels: Primary 3 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 5

penta Science

  • Dedicated course on exam ANSWERING SKILLS
  • Covers ALL CONCEPTS taught in school
  • Realise the FULL POTENTIAL of your child's science paper!

penta 1-1/small group

  • FOCUSED teaching and customised to student
  • Good for students who needs to CATCH-UP or revise concepts.
  • We diagnose and pin-point WEAK AREAS to work on
  • Catered to Academic Levels: Primary 3 to 6 and Secondary 1 to 2


Cody Mok

Cody got A for Maths!! Thanks Pentagon & the trainers involved.
Mr Mok Chee Yong, father of Cody Mok, Primary 6 (2015)

Mohd Faiq Haranz

Faiq has been failing Maths from Primary 3 till the day he got his prelim result. We started his classes 3 times a week for a month before PSLE.

Results came and he was so shocked, he got B for Maths!

Thanks so much Pentagon for helping him!
Mr Mohd Fardal, parent of Mohd Faiq Haranz, Primary 6 (2014)

Muhd Rusyaid

We are writing to express our gratitude for the time and attention your tutors afforded our son.

It is a great improvement from D grade to A grade within 6 months

Our thanks for your team of tutors in helping our son to overcome his challenges and with a great feeling!
Mr Sutiro Ali and Fouziah Mohd, parents of Muhd Rusyaid, Primary 6 (2014)

Pentagon Learning
17 Simon Road #02-01 Singapore 545902
(3 minutes walk from Kovan MRT Station via Exit B)
Tel: (65) 8339-9687
Email: [email protected]
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