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Funding Your Children’s Extracurricular Fun

Children are amazing in so many ways, especially if you get to see them grow from babies on up until they become independent adults. But children are also amazing in terms of the activities that they can pursue. And those extracurricular pursuits, from those that exercise their minds to those that exercise their bodies, are important to their future, too, and to their growth as a well-rounded human being. But those extras can end up being expensive for families. Take kids’ sports, for example. How much do you think fees and camps, equipment and travel, cost? Your guess probably isn’t even close: It’s a $15.3 billion industry.

And while most families know that those extra pursuits are important, funding those opportunities is a different matter altogether. We know the advantages, but coming up with the dollars (and doing everything else we need to do) can be difficult. This graphic explains the issues and offers some ideas.

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