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First Code Academy

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First Code Academy was founded with the mission to provide students with the digital literacy and the computational thinking skills, empowering them to become creators with technology. Our after-school computer coding programmes use proprietary curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley high schools, incorporated in learning environments designed to stimulate inquiry based learning, logical thinking and creative problem solving.

In 2012, when Michelle was working in Silicon Valley as a software engineer, she volunteered to teach programming to primary and secondary school students at a programme operated at Stanford campus. Observing how the millennials (digital natives) interact and create with technology, she reflected upon her education in Hong Kong.

When she moved back to Hong Kong in 2013, she began to offer coding courses and develop curriculum for primary and secondary students to learn not just coding skills, but computational thinking. The goal is to empower digital natives to become creative leaders in the digital era, for their future career and for driving social change.

First Code has partnered with many multinational corporations including Google for social impact projects teaching students from underprivileged communities how to code. The team is based in Hong Kong with presence in Singapore. Their work has been featured on Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC News, and multiple local press including South China Morning Post.

Programmes Offered

Tinker (Age 6-8):
The First Code Tinker programme aims to instill the concept that technology is a creator’s tool to the young curious minds. By using fun and educational technology kits, including LittleBits, Makey Makey etc, First Code Tinkerers move beyond mobile and computer gaming, and begin to create their own games and apps.

Explorer (Age 9-11):
The First Code Explorer programme aims to inspire technology savvy primary school students to go beyond mobile and computer gaming, and move to create their own games and apps. With the emphasis of creativity, First Code Explorers learn fundamental computer science concepts by creating and customising a series of fun mobile apps.

Creator (Age 12-15):
The First Code Creator programme aims to equip teenagers with the necessary tools and concepts to bring their idea to reality in the world of technology. With an emphasis on hands-on development, we also guide students to deepen their understanding on key current topics in technology, including privacy, security and social networking.

In this course, we cover computational thinking on the 7 areas including Creativity, Abstraction, Data, Algorithms, Programming, Internet, and Impact.

Most Popular Programme

Make Your Own App is the most popular course. This is a foundation class where students will be learning how to build mobile apps with AppInventor, a tool that is developed by MIT Media Lab. And with the AppJamming knowledge, they can join us at our annual AppJamming Summit where the winner gets the chance to travel to MIT to share their mobile apps!

Most Unique Programme

3D Game Modding With Minecraft
Minecraft is one of the best seller video games in the world and children are playing it! Our vision is to empower next generation to become creators with technology. We want to encourage creating games instead of consuming them. This camp programme allows students to understand the technical knowledge behind Minecraft and they will be learning coding concepts while creating and designing their own Minecraft World.

First Code Academy
#04-13, Stamford Court,
61 Stamford Road,
Singapore 178892
Tel: (65) 6820 2633
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: First Code Academy
Twitter: @firstcode
YouTube: First Code Academy

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