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Edumore Learning Centre

Established in October 2004, Edumore Learning Centre takes great pride in delivering tuition services to our utmost abilities. We firmly regard ourselves as facilitators to our pupils in their course of achieving academic excellence.

As such, our approach is tailored to each of their needs and potential to perform. Their transition to better themselves is further enhanced through our commitment to forge good communicative relationships with parents.


Our Achievements
We are privileged to have helped many pupils who joined us since pre-primary levels and with them continuing to stay with us in their primary and secondary years.

Some have achieved exemplifying results in their major exams and have advanced to prestigious schools like Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, other IP schools and top secondary schools. Many who have graduated from schools, return to visit us as friends. Also, we receive good reviews from parents and are thankful of the referrals from these supporters.

Our Teachers
We have a team of competent tutors each specialized in their core levels and subjects. Our tutors have good mastery of the content knowledge and are kept abreast with the latest MOE syllabus. Their passion and dedication in teaching as well as their heartfelt concern for the well-being of our pupils are often the reasons why our pupils keep coming back and refer many others to join us.

Programmes Offered

Phonics for K1 & K2
Our phonics course is designed in a step-by-step competency level to establish pupils with adequate phonetic skills for them to embark on a life-long quest in reading. Puppetry, art, songs, games and hands-on activities are included in our methodology to ensure that learning is effective. Reviews are conducted periodically during the course to allow pupils to revise through what has been learnt previously so as to ensure continuity in the children's learning progress.

Foundation English & Maths for K2
This P1-Preparatory programme aims to better prepare pupils academically. At the end of the course, the pupils are equipped with necessary knowledge to help them adjust to the Primary One curriculum seamlessly. We engage pupils effectively in their learning through the use of various teaching and learning strategies in a conducive learning environment. For example, lessons involving multi- sensory approach are implemented to allow pupils explore and discover learning through interactive activities.

Read & Write for K2 & P1/2
This course enables students to articulate and master the English Language effectively. We introduce short stories in the form of interactive media. Tutors will narrate and animate the stories to capture the pupils' attention and thereby inculcate their love for reading. Recitation of stories by the pupils are routinely done in class to hone their oral speaking skills. Subsequently, pupils will examine the technical aspects of the English language, for example Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension, from the given text to ensure a complete learning experience.

Creative Writing for P1 to P6
A highly popular course that is crafted to empower your child with writing tips. Pupils will go through the writing process of brainstorming, content development, characterization, vocabulary building, drafting, publishing and proofreading in detail. Pupils' writeups will be carefully scaffolded to help them build up their confidence and love in creative writing. Pupils' final works are published each term in our in-house newsletter to foster a sense of achievement as competent writers.

Primary English for P1 to P6
We stress on the importance of establishing a strong foundation in the English Language. An all-rounded approach including different aspects of English, like Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition and Comprehension, to highlight a few, are covered. Our materials are exam-oriented. Worksheets are devised according to test items that pupils will need to handle during their assessments in schools. Pupils will also be given opportunities to explore different writing styles. To brush up their writing substance, we encourage classroom participation and discussions to generate better ideas for richer content.

Secondary English for S1 to S4/5
We aim to equip pupils with a critical mind when examining a written text. Students are able to judge with accuracy, understand and appreciate a wide range of literary and informational or functional writeups from print and non-print sources. Pupils will be given vast opportunities to speak, write and represent Standard English that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate for different purposes. Our tutors also let the pupils explore the diverse vocabulary available so that they will understand how writers put words together and use language to communicate meaning and achieve impact. Ultimately, our intention is to groom our pupils to achieve life-long love in the English Language.

汉语拼音 for K1 & K2
We give our pre-primary pupils a head start in learning Chinese in Primary One in time to come. Our materials are highly structured to ensure that pupils fully internalize the concepts of the Chinese phonetics. It includes oral pronunciation from deciphering the Hanyu Pinyin, recognition of Chinese characters pertaining to the Hanyu Pinyin learnt, and application of knowledge into practical use like reading to ensure the relevance of learning Hanyu Pinyin. Worksheets are carefully crafted to give emphasis on drill and application. We also conduct frequent revision on concepts already taught to ensure that our pupils have a strong foundation of the contents learned.

本中心的小学华文补习课程是依照教育部最新的小学课文标准及考试形式而设定的。当中的教材是紧密按照课本内容与顺序,和配合学校的进度由老师精心采用,以帮助学生更好掌握华文学习。为了提高学生的华文成绩, 老师给予的作业练习是协助学生复习和巩固之前已学过的华文知识。

本中心的中学华文补习课程是依照教育部最新的中学课文标准及考试形式而设定的。老师为学生提供的教材和作业,目的是为了帮助学生更有效地巩固课文内容,从中加强学生的语文能力。老师的教学过程讲究配合学生学习程度, 逐步学习。并在掌握好基本能力后,再督促学生应付较深和据挑战性的练习。在靠近考试期间, 老师也会给予模拟考试卷,可作为学生备考之用。

Primary Maths for P1 to P6
We adhere strictly to the Maths curriculum as prescribed to schools by MOE. We incorporate conceptual understanding, skill proficiencies and thinking skills in our teachings. Our tutors will first impart concepts and skills to ensure proficiency. Drills and practices are put in place to achieve our objective. Students will then have opportunities to discover, reason and communicate mathematics through heuristics and problem solving after their basic competency level has been met. This progressive approach provides a more conducive learning pace for pupils according to each of their abilities.

Lower Secondary Maths for S1 & S2
We have dedicated Maths classes for Sec 1 and Sec 2 pupils. Our tutors adopt a theory first approach. Live demonstrations on problem solving followed. Pupils will then have hands-on practice to further internalise the concepts and application learned. Worksheets are carefully structured according to levels of difficulty. Beyond tackling the tests and exams in Sec 1 and Sec 2, we aim to build a rock solid foundation for our pupils to prepare them for the challenges in upper secondary Elementary Maths and Additional Maths.

Elementary Maths for S3 to S4/5
Our tutors will examine the prerequisite knowledge learned in Lower Secondary for each new topic. Upon which, the concepts are revisited to ensure that pupils attained a comfortable level of confidence to learn the new topic. Step-by-step guidance is applied when demonstrating solutions. After that, pupils will have hands-on practice to further internalize the concepts learned. Frequent revision on past topics are also done. We strive to instil in our pupils a sense of readiness when solving Maths questions of any topics. Pupils are trained to be on their toes to involve not just current topics that they are learning in schools.

Additional Maths for S3 & S4/5
We emphasize on guiding pupils to achieve metacognitive skills. To start off, various thinking skills and heuristics are reviewed and repeated to ensure pupils attain competency. Then we proceed to teach students select appropriate use of problem-solving strategies. Pupils will learn to plan the solution when tackling a problem sum and thereby evaluate by formulating a clear approach to solve the problem. We also encourage students to seek alternative ways of solving the same problem and to check the appropriateness and reasonableness of the answer. We simulate exam conditions by requiring pupils to complete a set of questions within stipulated time.

Primary Science for P3 to P6
We use various mediums, like hands-on experiments, information technology, to facilitate our teaching of Science. We aim to intrigue their inquisitiveness in Science and thereby explore the details of the subject. In-depth contents are taught to let the pupils have a more comprehensive understanding of the topics involved. Structured questions are practised in class frequently with the help of tutors guiding the pupils in progressive steps to derive answers. Our materials are designed to demonstrate the relevance and practicability of the subject concerned.

Lower Secondary Science for S1 & S2
The lessons for Sec 1 and Sec 2 are introductory knowledge for the three branches of Science in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Comprehensive study notes are provided. As Science is a knowledge intensive subject, we do not merely go through the notes to impart theories lest diminishing the interest of the students. In fact our pedagogical approach is to implement interactive media to enhance the learning experience. Pupils are then able to observe the fundamentals better and appreciate the relevance of their learning. Similarly, we want to give our pupils a solid footing as they progress to read Physics, Chemistry and Biology in upper secondary.

Physics for S3 & S4/5
Students get a robust mental workout through pondering, probing and making sense of a Physics concept. Tutors facilitate this by means of demonstrations using our touch-based learning system, sharing videos clips on experiments carried out in Science laboratories online. This kind of self-discovery learning ensures pupils to have a last long impression of their acquisition of knowledge. Pupils then accelerate their internalization of the subject matter through rigorous hands-on attempts on application questions. Common misconceptions are highlighted and corrected as well.

Chemistry for S3 & S4/5
We engage pupils in a comprehensive approach in learning Chemistry. To highlight an example, many pupils tend to memorize different permutations of chemical formulas and as a result, always struggle to write chemical formulas correctly on their own. Instead, we teach them to integrate the Periodic Table and knowledge of Valency to optimize the efficiency in assembling chemical formulas. This shall bring ease to the next level of learning when students handle balancing of chemical equations and perform chemical calculations. Furthermore, when students are competent enough with this skill, they will be able to grasp the contents of subsequent related topics effectively.

Touch-based Learning System

Each of our classrooms is fully equipped with the latest touch-based, high definition (HD) interactive projector powered by an interactive learning software from a laptop computer. The system is akin to a mega-sized 100-inch iPad projected on the wall. Our tutors would execute our carefully planned lessons, to bring about an intense and engaging learning experience for the pupils.

The system can project 3-Dimensional objects, mathematical graphs, geometrical figures and stream HD videos on the screen. Tutors and pupils can touch the objects on the screen and move them around during lesson delivery. The dynamic learning environment excites pupils, captures their attention and encourages better participation from them. As a result, feedback in learning is also immediate and fruitful. This enables the pupils to accelerate their learning process.

Edumore Learning Centre
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