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The Ballet & Music Company

Fast Facts

The Ballet & Music Company builds an understanding and appreciation of musicianship and dance in a structured and long-sighted manner. Through the congregation of the world class specialists, children/adults are introduced to the essential elements of the making of a complete performer in the dance and music arena.

Harmonising the two artistic forms under one roof creates an enlightened atmosphere for potential performers. The Ballet & Music Company advocates three essential skills that an accomplished performer must have: performance awareness, sense of expression and creative and technical skills.

The methods of infusing Arts (long term) into the curriculum comprise the following:

  • Basic Introduction in Music, Dance and Drama
  • Auditioning of Talent/ Selection of Elective
  • Elective Class
  • Term-based Performance
  • Formation of Music / Dance/ Drama Faculties
  • Overseas Exchange Programme
  • Arts Festival involvement
  • Establishment of Faculties:
    • Formation of String Ensembles
    • Staging of Plays
    • Dance Outreach Programme
  • Collaboration with overseas schools for performances
  • Preparation for scholarship

A survey will be conducted to gauge students’ feedback on programme and progress of classes on a quarterly basis.

Currently, our team comprises of skilled professionals dedicated to dance, music and vocal education: Teachers of ballet, jazz, hip hop, social dance, musicians, vocalists who are early childhood educators and performers who strive to bring out the best in students.

Our centre echoes with the joy, fun and sense of achievement that we share with our students. Our lessons are approached in a way that makes learning fulfilling and rewarding. The environment is welcoming, and every student is valued as an individual.

We strive to:

  • Create an ideal learning environment
  • Encourage individuality, creativity and self-confidence
  • Value the child and the role of family in education
  • Develop and provide teaching resources of the highest quality
  • Motivate education as a life-long experience
  • Recognise, value and support cross cultural communication
  • Foster a sense of performance and appreciation for performing arts

Programmes Offered

Dance Lessons
We offer basic and advanced instruction, from little ones to those students planning a professional dance career. This dance instruction includes all aspects of classical ballet technique as well as modern, jazz and character dance. The programme is complemented by courses in dance, history, music, choreography, special conditioning and other related subjects. Students are also provided guidance from the School's staff and professional consultants.

Dance Programmes

  • Ballet
  • Pre-primary Ballet
  • Ballet Grade Lessons
  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • Street Jazz
  • Social Dance
  • Latin Dance

Examinations (March, July, Nov examinations will be arranged accordingly.)

Benefits of Dance Programmes

  • Dance fulfills the natural need to move to music.
  • Dance is an introduction to other art forms, eg. music, art, design, drama.
  • Dance is a confidence builder and promotes self-discipline.
  • Develops a sense of movement, rhythm & appreciation of music.
  • Dance helps to co-ordinate mind and body.
  • It helps to improve poor posture and improve poise.
  • It improves body control and balance.
  • It teaches discipline of body and emotions.

Music Lessons
We offer music lessons and unique programmes in piano lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons and vocal training, bass lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons, flute lessons, saxophone lessons, trombone lessons and jazz classes. Students learn at their own pace in a nurturing fun atmosphere. Lesson plans are designed to build the strength of each student. Parents participate in their child’s learning by attending the lessons (optional or as and when advised by teacher). This participation enables them to accomplish their role as a practice monitor and mentor at home. Students will respond much more effectively if the parents are involved in the lesson. This allows parents to effectively help the students if they are having problems as well as monitor progress during the week.

Music Programmes

  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Drums

Examinations (March, July, Nov examinations will be arranged accordingly.)

Benefits of Music Programmes

  • Music is a confidence builder and promotes self-discipline.
  • Develops a sense of movement, rhythm & appreciation of music.
  • It helps to improve poor posture and also to strengthen muscular structure.
  • Music helps to co-ordinate mind and body.
  • Music addresses integrative studies.

Vocal Lessons
There are numerous objectives and benefits for having professional voice training. The prime objective is to train the voice while maintaining vocal health and proper musicianship. The student will be able to accomplish vocal strength, agility, range, and breathe management.

The first few lessons include a complete intake and vocal assessment. You’ll learn the foundation of this vocal technique and how it can strengthen your voice and body.

Benefits of Vocal Programme

There are numerous benefits to vocal training:

  • increased energy
  • open-heartedness
  • expressiveness
  • improved physical and emotional awareness
  • greater physical and vocal strength
  • vocal confidence (both speaking and singing)
  • increased vocal range
  • clearer articulation
  • a fully resonant sound
  • knowledge of music reading
  • literature and languages
  • experience with a variety of musical styles

The Ballet & Music Company

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