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5 Mega Benefits of Crash Courses!

It is once again the holidays and one of the big questions students and their parents often wonder about – should students take up a crash course during this period of time? It is mostly well known that crash courses are useful and effective in reinforcing learning and building up a stronger foundation in academics. However, opponents of crash coursing would debunk those statements as they conclude that crash-courses overwhelm students with an overload of information which causes further confusion and additional stress. So which opinion is correct and most importantly what are your own personal views on crash courses?

I personally believe in crash courses as I witnessed the effectiveness of the intensive training and drilling of concepts in students. Being a student once myself, I knew how crucial it was to catch up quickly with the pace of the lessons and syllabus in school. However as expected of a student’s life, it was a struggle to keep up with academics and the numerous activities and events filling in our hectic schedule. Once in a while at one point of time, it is no doubt that some students get left behind as they struggle to balance their studies amongst their busy schedule. In times like these, crash courses will help to give students a boost and propel them to be on par with their peers once again. Usually, crash courses often take place during holidays as it is the optimum time for students to review, revise and clarify their doubts and questions. I would always recommend taking up crash courses for your weakest subjects and why so? Here are 5 benefits of crash coursing that I would further share with you down below.

  1. Forced and intensive rigour

During the holidays, especially the current June Holidays where there is a month long of freedom and leisure time, students have this tendency to over indulge and relax abit too much. This causes distraction in studying and also a sudden loss of the momentum to study. This is especially prevalent for students who lack of discipline. Hence this is where crash coursing comes in.

The fixed time-table may seem rigid but if students are not discipline to be as productive alone, crash coursing is the right way to go. Especially for weaker students who often struggle while studying by themselves, a little guidance from crash course will make studying easier and more productive. Especially a crash course will ensure you cover the crucial and essential areas in each subject in a scheduled time. This organised and intensive course will help to keep your academics in check. In addition, when a group of students come together to attend a crash course, the atmosphere will drive each student to work even harder and keep up the momentum of studying even after the crash course.

  1.       Reinforce learning

Crash courses are not limited to weaker students only as they cater to the stronger students who are looking to revise and strengthen their learning. A crash course will cover all the learning points and requirements in a subject from scratch and examination tips and tricks. As students are covering their syllabus, there is constantly new information and sometimes, the older materials learnt are forgotten. Hence, crash courses help to repeat the learning process and this helps with better absorption of the knowledge. For subjects such as Economics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology here there are new concepts, crash courses are good as the concepts help to refresh the memory of the subject and as proven by the Ebbinghaus memory curve, the more times you review a topic, the better the absorption of information is. Being a student myself before, I understand that some basics or the minute details which are important actually become neglected and forgotten due to the larger emphasis on other significant information. Most of the items, not paying attention to these crucial details will come back to bite us in the back as these causes conceptual errors.  Additionally, more than often schools are absorbed with teaching of the syllabus and there is insufficient time to dive into examination tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are crucial for students as they enable students to perform better and study smarter. Hence, students looking for an all-rounded revision with revision and tips and tricks can definitely consider attending crash courses.

  1.       Identify gaps and learn more

Crash courses cover the gist of each topic and students can expect to relook at the whole topic and identify crucial conceptual errors and gaps in learning. Conceptual errors and gaps in learning often happen when students do not have sufficient time to cover the whole topic when they first learnt the topic. And yes, the reason again is because of the hectic schedule students have. When you rush through your learning, it is inevitable that you misunderstand and misinterpret information in the textbook. Hence, crash courses will help to review all the important knowledge and increase understanding in the topic, aiding students in doing better in their academics from then on.

  1.       Quick and efficient way for make up for lost time

Time is of essence when you are a student studying in Singapore’s rigorous system. As the name suggests itself, the aim of crash courses are to increase your level of understanding from zero to hero in a short time period. Most of the time, students do not have the luxury to slowly digest the information. Hence, when attending crash courses, the experienced teachers will help to guide these students to the quickest way to succeed. Crash courses help to make up for the lost time from other activities such as CCAs, CIPs and more. There is not sufficient time to study hard as you advance through PSLE, O levels and A levels. Hence, students have to study smart by tackling the important areas of each topic and one way to do so is by attending crash courses.

  1.       Reassurance

More than often, school examinations or national examinations occur after a long period of break, such as the holiday for self-study. However, during this time most students may panic and crash courses will help to equip students with examinational tips which are takeaways they can bring into the examination hall. Crash courses allow students to study smart and fast which are exactly what students need help in. After leaving crash courses, students will often feel more assured that they had a productive time and completed an intensive yet beneficial course useful for them. This builds up the confidence they have in themselves and half the battle is won.

In conclusion, my answer to – should students attend crash courses? Yes, they should. I concede that there is an overwhelming of information presented to the students during crash courses. However, the information is not new but familiar to students as they are the same content taught from schools. Additionally, the important information is extracted and organised in such a way to maximise learning for students. As long students are determined to take on an intensive training course to improve their results, crash courses are definitely useful.

Bright Culture Group has chemistry tutors, maths tutors and physics tutors that conduct regular crash courses during the school holidays!

Last Updated on August 11, 2017

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