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[University of Glasgow] Change Management

Change Management

Change Management is designed for business professionals or graduate students who want to develop the management and leadership skills necessary to succeed in a more senior managerial role.

In this course, you will discover the skills required to effectively manage and lead change in your organisation.

Using change management and leadership theory alongside real-life case studies, you will learn professional strategies to solve the challenges of leading change and learn how to provide a semi-systems based framework for managing the process.

Alongside change management academics and professionals within the private and public sector, you will learn how to build the mindset of a conscious change leader and examine and critique diverse change management perspectives.

Course Duration

10 weeks, join on the date that suits you or register to hear from an enrolment advisor about future runs and updates.

Course Outline

You will be enrolled directly with the University of Glasgow, allowing you access to the University library and student services.

Course 1: Introduction and Orientation
Involves a welcome, course introduction and overview and student enrollment details.

Course 2: Change Management Core Concepts
Introduces core concepts underpinning change management such as leadership, mindset and applied change management tools.

Course 3: Exploring Mapping and Diagramming Techniques
Exploring change management mapping techniques such as process mapping, diagramming and mapping organisational culture.

Course 4: Organisational Development and Change Management
Examining the role of organisational development for managing change inclusive of coaching methods and related techniques.

Course Outcome

Once you have successfully completed the microcredential, you will receive 10 academic credits at Postgraduate level from the University of Glasgow.

How to Enroll

In order to join this microcredential you should hold an undergraduate honours degree and ideally have an IELTS equivalent of 6.5.

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