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[UC Berkeley Executive Education] CyberSecurity 360 Workshop

Every organisation now depends on at least one of the following technological components: network, system, data. Every organisation is consequently a potential target for cybercriminals. Learn now how to best protect your organisation and react to any type of attack.

During this in-person workshop held in the San Francisco Bay area, leading cybersecurity experts from Europe and the U.S. will share technical, legal and business approaches on how to best prepare for security threats and how to respond to attacks. Participants will explore the most advanced applied research and business-led techniques and expertise through lectures, exercises, business cases and company visits.

Course Duration

1 Oct 2018 to 5 Oct 2018, San Francisco Bay Area, California (US)
15 Oct 2018 to 19 Oct 2018, Munich, Germany (Europe)

Course Outline

This workshop has an international scope. It consists of the U.S. module which takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area (1-5 October) and the European module which takes place in Munich, Germany (15-19 October). Participants can elect to register for one or both modules of the workshop.

Cybersecurity 360The U.S. module focuses on online, platform, and cloud services. Topics include:

  • Corporate cybersecurity
  • Topics in cybersecurity for specific technical systems
  • Social engineering techniques
  • Cybersecurity risk and liability
  • Data privacy and security

The European module, delivered by EIT Digital, focuses on network, manufacturing, and hardware. Topics include:

  • Cybersecurity in Industry 4.0
  • Network security
  • Security in IoT
  • GDPR: Compliance, enforcement and consequences
  • Cybersecurity governance and management
  • Technological threats

Course Outcome

  • Learn about different types of cyber-attacks and the risks they pose to your organisation
  • Understand fundamental cybersecurity principles and their application to key technical systems
  • Explore topics in cybersecurity governance and management that are critical to your business
  • Examine how to improve cybersecurity in your organisation
  • Consider how leading European and US tech companies prepare for and manage cybersecurity challenges and data privacy
  • Connect with peers and experts

Who Should Attend

If you manage teams or units involving technologies, you must be aware of what cybersecurity implies. Be it for prevention or for reaction to attacks, you need to understand what is at stake.

This programme is for those in top management positions, involved with Product Development, Marketing, Legal, Communication, HR or IT.

  • Professionals of companies with significant IT-related activities
  • Managers responsible for cyber- resilience of products and processes (IT, R&D, Communications, Legal, etc.)
  • Sales professionals for suppliers of cybersecurity solutions
  • Public officials responsible for the cybersecurity of their organisations

Course Fees


To enroll for this workshop, click here.

Contact Information

UC Berkeley Executive Education
Haas School of Business
2220 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, California 94720 USA
Tel: +1.510.642.1304
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: berkeleyexeced
Twitter: @BerkeleyExecEd

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