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Do you want to raise happy children? Parent the Danish way!

Last Updated on 2 December 2022

If you find parenting difficult or feel overwhelmed by the pressures of being a parent, “Parent the Danish way” is an excellent method for you.

In this course you will learn to become more authentic and empathic and focus on the vital relationship between you and your child. You will learn to HYGGE and redefine negative and inhibitory beliefs. You will acquire understanding of how to set boundaries without using ultimatums.

“The Danish Way” method has been time tested for generations and used in institutions for decades. This method will yield predictable results within a short time if you actively practice what you are learning.

What you'll learn

  • Learn how to be brave and authentic and how to teach your children authenticity too.
    Understand why empathy is vital to building strong bonds.
  • Learn to transform negative thoughts and habits into more positive ones.
  • Understand why play is necessary in your child's life.
  • How to deal with toddlers, while being equipped with some compelling sentences that you can practice to be better at handling what triggers you.

Course Duration

5.5 hours on-demand video, 46 downloadable resources

Course Content

Lecture 1: Understanding HYGGE and why it is essential in your life
Lecture 2: How to apply HYGGE in your family life
Lecture 3: HYGGE-time after being apart
Lecture 4: How to HYGGE at bedtime
Lecture 5: How to stay connected in this online culture
Lecture 6: How to motivate teenagers to become more helpful
Lecture 7: Humor

Challenging Your Initial Perspective
Lecture 1: What is reframing?
Lecture 2: The small pathways in your brain
Lecture 3: Use “But” as a reminder
Lecture 4: All changes begin with you
Lecture 5: Find your point of balance
Lecture 6: How to handle toddler meltdowns with reframing

Parenting with Integrity
Lecture 1: What is Authenticity and why is it Beneficial?
Lecture 2: How to Focus on Your Integrity and Values
Lecture 3: Communicating All Feelings
Lecture 4: How to Deal With Your Triggers
Lecture 5: Talking About All Aspects of Life
Lecture 6: Offering a Way Out
Lecture 7: The ‘I'

Encouraging Creative Opportunity
Lecture 1: Why Free Play is Important
Lecture 2: Help Your Child be Better at Playing Independently
Lecture 3: Building Self-esteem
Lecture 4: Alternative exercises to play
Lecture 5: Do Not Underestimate the Power of Physical Contact

Allowing Space for Empathy
Lecture 1: What Does Empathy Mean?
Lecture 2: How to Practice Your Empathic Skills
Lecture 3: When do Children Develop Empathy?
Lecture 4: How Literature Opens the Door to Empathy
Lecture 5: Show Empathy and Care
Lecture 6: Pamper Instead of Correcting
Lecture 7: Teach Your Child About Social Competences
Lecture 8: How to Help Sensitive Kids Get Confidence

Eliminating Negative Reinforcement
Lecture 1: How Ultimatums Harm Your Child
Lecture 2: Are you an Authoritarian or Authoritative parent?
Lecture 3: How to reach Toddlers Who Avoid Eye Contact
Lecture 4: How to Handle What Triggers You


Iben Sandahl comes from Denmark and is an internationally-renowned public speaker, psychotherapist and best-selling author of The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids.

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