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[MIT Sloan] Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success

Digital Transformation: Platform Strategies for Success is a 3-month programme that introduces participants to the many ways networked markets are transforming the economy and provides strategies for designing, monetising, and launching a digital platform.

In this course, you will learn about the fundamentals of digital transformation, identify why platforms beat products and how you can make your business a platform. You will learn how to launch and grow a digital platform and identify how to leverage open innovation for your platform. This course also equips you with the knowledge on governing your platform, strategically evaluating your competition and provides you with a futuristic view of digital transformation across industries.

Course Duration

3 months online (starting from 12 June 2019), 2-4 hours per week

Course Outline

This course provides an opportunity to work on real-life platform-related business ideas and case studies. Industry examples covered include case studies from companies such as:

Module 1: Digital Transformation – From Products to Platforms; Network Effects

Module 2: Digital Transformation Concepts – Markets, Environments, and Structure

Module 3: Designing Your Digital Business Model for Success

Module 4: Launching and Growing A Digital Platform

Module 5: Leveraging Open Innovation

Module 6: Governing Your Digital Platform

Module 7: Strategy and Competition in the Digital Age

Module 8: Digital Transformation Across Industries – A Futuristic View

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, participants will learn to:

  • Define platform businesses, distinguishing among input suppliers, markets and true platforms, and why these differences matter.
  • Recognise and know how to compete in winner-take-all markets, one and two-sided networks, and the context of multi-homing.
  • Understand how traditional pricing models break down in the context of platforms, choosing from an array of freemium, bundled, and two-sided pricing.
  • Address the barriers that firms face in trying to organize themselves as platform firms.
  • Develop strategies for launching new platforms when critical mass is important.
    Articulate the process of making markets.
  • Identify the launch strategy for their platform to help them gain traction, and grow their platform by leveraging modularity and APIs.
  • Develop recovery strategies in declining platform markets and understand timing in the cannibalization of an old platform by a new one.
  • Understand the anti-trust implications of platform strategies and safe harbor defenses.
  • Gain insights into the impact and opportunities of adopting platform strategies in different industries.

Upon completion of the course, participants will also receive a certificate from EMERITUS Institute of Management in collaboration with MIT Sloan.

Course Fees


To apply for this course, click here.

Contact Information

MIT Sloan School of Management
Tel: +1 617-253-7166
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: MIT-Sloan-Executive-Education
Twitter: @MITSloanExecEd

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