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[Institut Français de la Mode] Fashion Business

This 11-week microcredential offers new and experienced fashion professionals the opportunity to build up-to-date, practical knowledge of the business of fashion and the contemporary fashion market.

Using case studies from major fashion brands like Gucci and Celine, you’ll develop your professional understanding of the key business components of the global fashion industry, from building a collection and fashion brand to fashion entrepreneurship.

This microcredential will teach you how to build a brand identity that translates seamlessly to your consumer experience.

You’ll also master how to market a fashion brand and communicate it using digital and social media marketing.

Course Duration

11 weeks

Course Outline

To fully understand the inner workings of the modern fashion business, you’ll examine the fashion market from three key perspectives: fashion from a historical and anthropological standpoint, established and emerging fashion business models, and the fashion business from a consumer behaviour perspective.

This holistic approach will enhance your understanding of the current fashion market from both a business and consumer perspective.

Alongside fashion branding you’ll get to grips with fashion product development as you learn the ins and outs of planning, developing, and presenting a collection or fashion product.

The final weeks of the microcredential will be dedicated to fashion’s future: fashion entrepreneurship and sustainable fashion.

Course 1: Defining Markets, Business Models & Trends
Explore fashion from a historical and sociological perspective and understand evolving fashion business models.

Course 2: Brands, Communication & Digital
Discover how to build a brand identity, how to translate it into the consumer experience and how to communicate it.

Fashion Business - Products & Collections

Course 3: Products & Collections
Learn about the fashion product. How to define the different fashion product categories? How to build a collection?

Course 4: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
Take a look at the future of fashion, especially sustainability and entrepreneurship.


There are no specific entry requirements for this microcredential except for a passion for fashion business and a desire to grow and specialise your business skills as a fashion professional.

You will need a strong grasp of the English language as the course is delivered in English.

University Credit

Upon completion, you will receive 4 ECTS credits at Undergraduate level from Institut Français de la Mode.

Find out how credits work and where you can use them in the FAQs.


Prof Franck Delpal holds a PhD in Economics from Université Paris-Dauphine. His doctoral thesis is about vertical integration in the luxury sector. He teaches at IFM in postgraduate and executive education programs about topics related to luxury business economics and fashion business models. He also conducts custom designed and multiclient studies offered by IFM. He co-authors the book Economie du Luxe (Dunod, 2014) with Dominique Jacomet.

The wider school faculty – featured throughout the course – is made up of specialists in economics, design history, marketing and more, offering you a holistic take on fashion business today.

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