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[Free Masterclass] Manifest Financial Wealth with Christie Marie Sheldon

Last Updated on 23 July 2023

Christie Marie Sheldon

Break free from the 24 blocks holding you back from a life of abundance and contribution with Christie Marie Sheldon. A gifted intuitive life coach, Christie is Mindvalley’s #1 bestselling and most viral author, celebrated for her uncanny ability to access people’s energy fields, erase their inner blocks, and raise their vibrations towards their fullest potential.

Over the past 15 years Christie has spoken on radio shows, seminars and conducted over 30,000 private consultations for clients, some of whom are renowned political and business leaders. Her deepest desire is to empower people to live in a state of abundant flow, free from the stress of lack and negativity.

In this Masterclass, Christie will show you how to Unlock Your Abundance and discover a life free of abundance blocks.

Course Duration

Schedule approximately 2 hours for this class.

Course Outline

  • Discover each of the 24 Abundance Blocks, and how they subconsciously block you from manifesting wealth (even when you work hard and do everything else right).
  • Experience the remarkable Energy Clearing technique Christie uses to remove her clients’ deepest Abundance Blocks – instantly, effortlessly, and permanently.
  • Participate in an exhilarating online group experience, as Christie taps into your energy field and amplifies your natural wealth attraction ability.
  • Find out what you could be earning when your Abundance Blocks are gone – Christie’s Abundance Calculator will show you the eye-opening truth.
  • Be inspired as you meet some of Christie’s most successful students who will prove to you that anyone can be just one mind shift away from unlimited abundance.
  • Witness a hot-seat Q&A between Christie and Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani, as he asks her the questions on everyone’s lips (including how it’s possible to influence a person’s energy field through the internet).

What People Say

Since the beginning of the sessions, there has been a strong shift on my awareness regarding thought and emotional patterns in my daily life. As someone who has been struggling financially, the main improvement has been the almost complete removal of anxiety towards the future, unnecessary and automatic worrying and stress.
Omar Regalado

Christie is fantastic to find exactly some of my old patterns and blocks, and the content is interesting and inspiring. I can also feel a very big change in how I do feel energy, the light etc. I believe much more in my dreams – that I can, I will reach my goals.
Malene Hjortflod​

To reserve your spot in this Masterclass, visit this page.

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