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[Free Masterclass] Conscious Parenting Mastery

Last Updated on 27 April 2023

Conscious Parenting Mastery

Can a 5-minute exercise help you resolve any situation when your child is “acting out”? Find out in this FREE Masterclass with Dr. Shefali and host Vishen Lakhiani (founder of Mindvalley) as they teach you how to be less reactive so you can raise confident, authentic children.

If you get frustrated when your child is “acting out”, use the simple 5-minute exercise to quickly resolve the situation and heal any of your hidden parenting doubts and fears.

Course Duration

Schedule approximately 90 minutes for this class.

How conscious are you?

In this Masterclass, you will explore:

  • The core principle of conscious parenting: and how honoring your child as a sovereign being is the key to your greatest spiritual awakening as a parent.
  • Why traditional models of parenting can emotionally stifle your child. It may keep your child “disciplined” but it may leave them fearful of honestly opening up to you.
  • Are you unconsciously projecting your unmet needs onto your child? Learn how to show up “whole” to your child so you can create the loving, unconditional connection both of you truly crave.
  • The 3 Vital Needs of Every Child: understanding this powerful concept will instantly explain, and help you deal with your child’s most “disruptive behaviours”.
  • The single easiest way to raise emotionally resilient children… and why wanting happiness for your child damages their self-esteem in the long run.
Stop struggling, parents. Here is the key to relaxing into your family and into your parenting.

About Dr. Shefali

Merging western psychology and eastern philosophy, Dr. Shefali is the foremost expert in the field of conscious parenting. Her journey into this radically new parenting paradigm arose from her own experience as a parent herself. Reacting irrationally to one of her then 3-year-old daughter’s tantrums, Dr. Shefali became deeply self-aware that her parenting frustrations was never about her child. Rather, it was about her own unmet childhood needs that she was unconsciously projecting on her own daughter.

This profound realisation led her to dissect and challenge the more “controlling nature” of traditional models of parenting – which, as soon discovered, often puts undue pressure on young children, robbing them of their confidence and autonomy.

To reserve your spot in this Masterclass, visit this page.

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